If you are looking for a techie review of the Samsung S8, then sorry you won’t find that here!! I am just a regular Mum of 3, who doesn’t know anything about techie stuff!! However I can chat to you about my first initial thoughts of the Samsung S8, and being a blogger I do use my phone a lot. So I will chat to you about the things that matter to me, and hopefully it will be helpful for you too.

A little about me, what type of phone user I am, and what I want from my phones. I am a blogger AND a Mum, so take many photos, I use social media a lot, apps, internet searching, text messaging and of course making calls!

I have upgraded from my Samsung S6, which I have had for 2 years. Luckily my contracted ended on the of delivery of the pre-order of the Samsung S8. I didn’t go for the Samsung S8 because I really like to be on trend, or have the latest phone, I just know that my contract is 2years long, and I do use this phone a lot, so will need it to last the 2years. I upgraded to the Samsung S6 from my iPhone, and loved the Android and Samsung set up. I wasn’t disappointed to leave iPhone!

So now you know a bit about my phone usage and me, now I can chat to you about my thoughts.

Comparing The Samsung Phones To The Samsung S8

As you can see we are a Samsung family!! My son now has my old S6, my husband has the S7 Edge, and I now have the Samsung S8. This gives you a great idea on the size comparison.

I have found the S8 to be really comfortable to hold in your hand, it is a bit slimmer so does mean if you have little hands it is easier to hold. It is very lightweight, and although I didn’t really like the edge on my husbands, I have got use to it on the S8 now. You have no option to not have the edge with the S8.

It is VERY slippery, and before I had a case (chat about that further down!) I was so nervous of holding it and dropping it. I can imagine it would shatter if you dropped it.

The back view, the S8 is much more steam line. You will see the camera has got lower and flatter with each phone. This is a big bonus, as I hated the camera sticking right out on the S6.


This is a big thing for me on my phone, I love being able to just capture a photo quickly whilst I am out. I am taking part in A Picture A Day project, so I don’t always want to take my ‘proper’ camera out with me. The camera on the S8 is fantastic, I have been using it whilst doing my weekend in pictures, and I don’t think I could tell which ones were from the S8, or my proper camera that weekend!

Like I said above, they have moved the camera into the phone more. It isn’t raised, this protects the lens, and it also would become very finger-marked. A perfect change!


On the day I ordered my new phone I received an e-mail from Case Hut seeing if I would like to try out one of their mobile phone covers! It was like they had known I was in need of a new one! So I picked out the most super flashy new case!!!

Case-Mate Brilliance Tough Case for Samsung Galaxy S8 – Rose Gold

When it turned up I instantly LOVED it! It was sparkly, rose gold and very girly. However very quickly after using it, I was really disappointed.

It made the phone so heavy, it sat on my little finger and caused a huge dent in my finger as it was so heavy. The crystals were a little loose, and sharp to hold in your hand. I was gutted! I can see how this phone case would protect the phone so much when you dropped it, but it does make it really uncomfortable to hold.

You also cannot place the phone on the wireless charger with it in the case, it can’t pick up what it needs to.

I hate to moan about this case, as I really love the protection level, toughness and the look of it. However at £49.99 it wasn’t a cheap case. There were other cases on there, so I think I would go for the same brand of case. but the enclosed waterfall case looks much better.


Samsung have upped their game on the security levels, they have now included an iris scanner! I have installed this and love it, I can just look at my phone and it unlocks it! So much easier and quicker than passwords!

However you don’t just have that option, you have the passwords, and pattern options. Then the fingerprint lock. I found this a little temperamental on the S6, so never bothered with it. However this one seems much more reliable.

Samsung have moved the fingerprint scanner to the back of the Samsung S8, I presume they think it is easier, and quicker to access. However I don’t like it! I don’t know if it was the case, or if it would happen with all the cases. However when the case was on, it couldn’t read the fingerprint at all.

I also don’t like the fact that it is so close to the camera lens, if you miss the fingerprint scanner, you put finger prints all over the lens.

Screen Size & Look

If you’ve seen the advert, you will see that Samsung have kicked off the screen edges. Meaning the phone is a full screen, with no buttons on the front of the phone. It does look super neat, but you have a larger screen size, without the phone getting bigger.

The buttons down the bottom of the phone are not physical buttons, they are ones within the screen. There is no home button, you just place your finger firmly down on the square.

The screen is lovely and bright, really clear and nice to watch videos on too.

USB Cable

They have changed the USB cable to a different type, so bare that in mind, as we had to purchase a USB Type C* new cable to be able to use it in our car. They have included an adapter in the box to help converting them.

*Image order – S6, S7 Edge, S8*


I have been so far very happy with the battery life, although when you get a new phone the battery always lasts OK! So it will be interesting to see how long it does last as the phone gets older. You do have fast charging on the phone, and you can use the wireless charging on it, which I really do like this option.


This is Samsung’s version of Siri, but with added extras! Bixby screen takes information from my phone, and pulls it all together in one place. My schedule, weather, SHealth info, and news. Plus many more things you can add to it. I haven’t really used this very much yet. I have played around with the shopping part though. If there is a product you like the look of, and want to know where you can purchase it from. You use the eye feature and it will scan it, and see if it can find it for sale for you! Or related images. I scanned my Goldendoodle in, and it showed me more pictures of Goldendoodle (or Golden Retrievers!)

I think Bixby is meant to be improving lots more within the next few months.

Quick Access Tab

I like this feature, on the right hand side of the screen is a little tab. You can amend this to add in your favourite apps, or things you use a lot, but don’t want them taking up the front screen with a full image. I have things like the Calculator, my G7X app to download my images off my camera, Spotify, add your favourite contacts etc.

Ways To Save Money On Purchasing The S8

It is an expensive phone, there is no tiptoeing around that, but here are a few ways you can save money on your purchase.

  • Always check Quidco and sign up* to it if you haven’t already. You can get cashback for taking out contracts with various different mobile phone companies.
  • Purchase the phone separately, and take out a SIM only deal. I spotted a Samsung S8 in stock at John Lewis*
  • Haggle with your phone contract provider


I have been really pleased with the Samsung S8, I don’t notice too much difference when using it as it is still running the same Android system as my S6. However I love the look, feel, ease of use and the camera. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the Samsung S8.

*I received a Case-Mate case, all opinions are honest and words are of my own.

*Links contain Affiliate links. I received a small % of the sale, but you do not pay more for this.




  1. Thank you for such detailed review. Since my wife now has Samsung A5 2015 and she is looking for a newer phone, it was very interesting to read!

  2. I’m a Samsung fan too, so was very interested to read this. Love the sound of the iris scanner, very swish! What a shame the case didn’t live up to expectations, hope you find something more suitable (I love a good flip style case for protecting mine).

    • Glad the review was helpful. Yes I’ve never had a flip case before, might look into those

    • Glad it was helpful, I was scared to change from iPhone but it was really simple to switch.

  3. I’m a Samsung girl myself and I currently have the S7 which I really love. I love the added features of the S8 however and I have to say, I loved your review because I’m a non-techie person myself. Shame about the case though – I got a really cute one from Etsy and I love mine – and it was around £18 I think! xx

  4. I find it so hard to pull myself away from Apple. But I have heard so many good things about Samsung camera phones it would be tempting to have one just for blogging.

    • Thank you, they really do. That was what made me change from iPhone last time

  5. We love the look of this phone and the screen is a real draw for us. The camera sounds good too. Might make us want to do the switch from iPhone 😉 x

    • The screen is lovely, nice to have the screen bigger but not making the phone bigger

  6. Looks like a great phone but ouch to the price of the case. I am afraid that I am afraid to leave Apple and try a different phone

    • I was afraid to move, but it was super easy to transfer everything over. However I don’t have any other Apple products either

  7. We are a Samsung family too I’ve always prefered there phones to other brands. My sister has the s8 and I Love the look of it.

  8. I have always been an iPhone user but due an upgrade. I think I will consider an s8 as I have only heard rave reviews.

  9. It is nice to read a non techy review. Thank you. I recently had to change my phone due to a kitten, yes kitten, knocking my sturdy and accident proof phone off the sofa. It utterly smashed, and wasn’t fixable. Being forced to find a phone was horrible. Felt like a minefield. I did look at the Samsung’s, and they are lovely looking. The camera was possibly the most important thing for me, and they do seem to have great quality pics. In the end, it was the cost that swung me away from them, sadly.

    • Yes they aren’t cheap, but I was lucky that and my contract monthly was a bit cheaper than I had been paying! So didn’t mind too much. I am glad you liked the non techie review!

  10. I’m not that familiar with Samsung phones (I’ve had iPhones for most of my adult life), but I did have a pink slidy Samsung phone as a teenager, which my daughter loves playing with now! I like the size of the screen on the S8 and the screen quality looks pretty good 🙂

    • Yes it is really clear and crisp, thanks for your comment. I think I might have had a pink slidy one too when I was a teenager!

  11. I have to admit I am a loyal iphone girl but this does look like a pretty swish phone. I love the fact it has a good battery life and love your tips on how to save money on getting one- very useful!

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