During the Easter weekend we went away with our friends to the Cotswolds, I haven’t really been there before so it was a nice change to visit somewhere different.

We spent ages trying to find somewhere that slept 9 people, that wasn’t stupidly priced but gave us the accommodation that we needed. I came across Norton Grounds in Chipping Norton, which has a few accommodation options to choose from.

The one we wanted was Groves Barn, a beautiful 5 star rated converted barn.


It did only sleep 8, but the owners were really helpful and said we were able to bring along our own camp bed for the extra child to sleep on. As the rooms were such fantastic sizes, it really didn’t make any of the rooms tiny with an extra bed in. In fact they can supply an extra cot bed and a cot. So this would be a really workable barn for families to stay in.


This room was our room, and it wasn’t even the largest, we were so impressed by the size of the rooms. To make it even better, every room had a en-suite! I don’t mean any old en-suite, I mean full on luxury en-suites! Ours had a roll top bath, which had such a lovely calm feel to the room.


The other en-suites had rainfall showers, and even a full on wet room. However watch your feet when you need to sit on the toilet after having a shower in there, as it stays a little wet underfoot!


Welcome to the kitchen diner, another amazing room. This kitchen had lots and lots of things you need for a self catering holiday house. We had pans, plates, cups, utensils, VERY sharp knifes and a 3 ovens to cook for all of us.

The only thing we really could have done with is some cupboard space to store all of our food in! With 5 kids and 4 adults to cater for we had lots of food but only little spaces to store it all. Although they have supplied fridges which is super helpful. We also had our food delivered by Sainsburys to the barn, really easy and very helpful.


The sofas are so comfy, which is a really nice touch! So often you get holiday venues which are filled with cheap items and things that your happy to put up with for a week. However in Groves Barn you don’t get that, things are supplied to be comfortable and to make your stay as nice as possible. The beds are a of good quality, one of the dads really didn’t want to get up each morning as he said that bed is so comfy…..or was that just an excuse?!

You see those stunning windows, they are looking out over fields, you can sit on the sofa and just switch off.


These are them from the front, they really do give this barn the WOW factor. The summer would be lovely, to be able to sit on that bench looking out over the fields, to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Until the kids start playing the play area at the bottom!


This is a lovely little fenced play area for the children to play in, there is a little stream running at the side of it (out of fenced area) and a large pond near the owners farmhouse. So you do need to watch the kids.


Look who was able to come with us too! Norton Grounds allows you to take pets along too, which makes it so nice to be able to have such a beautiful property that allows you to bring your dog too. Just no pets in the bedrooms or on sofas.


Norton Farm goes that extra mile too, they supplied a lovely welcome basket, with milk, butter, eggs, bread and more in. This was such a nice touch, as everything was local products. We enjoyed our scrambled egg and fresh bread very much!

We had a lovely time at Groves Barn, and would happily go back to stay again. It was so nice to have a bit of luxury but also for it to be so family and pet friendly. It is hard to final that package, but Norton Grounds have done it!


*We paid for this holiday in full and this is not a commissioned post.



  1. That looks like a lovely place to stay. It sounds like they went the extra mile in accommodating your individual needs too.

  2. ooh this looks so nice! We are looking for something similar in the Lake District but it is hard work finding somewhere nice for so many people isn’t it!

  3. Ooo! This isn’t far from us and looks lovely. I’m always up for a mini break to the Cotswolds. I hope you had a lovely Time xx

  4. I’ve never been to the Cotswolds before but I know people who have. It looks like such a lovely place too, the place u stayed looks amazing.

  5. I have never been to The Cotswolds before but it looks lovely. The place you stayed looks beautiful, it look quite calming in there, somewhere you can just relax. X

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