Being Legoland Ambassadors for the year has been so much fun, we have had some amazing days out and made so many family memories together. So to end our 2016 we had one more visit to Legoland to do, the Christmas Bricktacular and the chance to meet Santa at Legoland! legoland-bricktacular-entrance My kids were bursting with excitement, and even though it was very cold I think they kept going on pure excitement, it was us that was cold! So do make sure you are wrapped up as much as possible! When you arrive, make sure you make your way to the Christmas Bricktacular Brickmas Express, which is just down the hill to the left. This is where you can pick up your golden tickets and the kids passports. With some activities to complete and their golden ticket to see Santa. legoland-bricktacular-3 For the adults, included in your ticket price is a free hot drink and cookie. We saved this to later on and warmed up with our Latte and Gingerbread snowman! legoland-bricktacular-31 We were greeted by a very jolly train conductor who got everyone in the Christmas mood. The hill train was decorated and with smoke coming out of the front of the carriage, to add to the effect, off we went down the hill. legoland-bricktacular-37 Once you got to the bottom it was decorated with loads and loads of Christmas trees, with fake snow and twinkly lights everywhere, Legoland had done a great job of turning Legoland into a Christmas wonderland for the kids. legoland-bricktacular-19 First off we headed to Laser Raiders, this ride is usually really busy but there was only a 10 minute wait for this ride. There isn’t as many rides open for the Christmas Bricktacular at Legoland, but with still has 20 rides and attractions open, the kids were really happy with what was on. This is where you can spot the HUGE Legoland Christmas tree, made just for the Christmas Bricktacular event. legoland-bricktacular-6 We even had some little elves to find around the park, then write in our passport where we found them. legoland-bricktacular-13 Also Legoland Christmas Bricktacular have added in some activities for you to do as well, we found Mrs Christmas Toy Shop, which gave the children the chance to make a Christmas decoration for their own tree at home. legoland-bricktacular-16 Everyone had to wake Mrs Christmas up, as she was so tired! The kids love having a chance to shout don’t they! In the end we woke her up and she helped the children make a snowflake to take home. Ours ended up heading off to school to be hung on the Christmas tree there! legoland-bricktacular-17 legoland-bricktacular-18 Also the Lego shops are open for the Christmas Bricktacular, giving the kids a chance to have a look for any Christmas presents. If you do want to purchase anything but don’t want the kids to see,  all you have to say is the code word RUDOLPH and their staff will distract your children. legoland-bricktacular-12 You can also visit the Elves workshop, where you can make write your letter to Father Christmas and post it in the post box. legoland-bricktacular-21 legoland-bricktacular-22 Also have a chance to play with lots of Lego, making Christmas trees, tree decorations and help to build a giant Lego snowman. This is where we sat down and warmed up, drinking our free coffee and cookie! With lots of tables and in a marquee, this is the place to head to! legoland-bricktacular-33 Keep an eye out for Characters around the park, and new Lego builds. We found a giant Lego Father Christmas and a dragon in a Santas outfit! legoland-bricktacular-23 legoland-bricktacular-34 Our booked slot to see Father Christmas was at 2:15pm, don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before you slot though. There are things to do around the Christmas village, with a couple of the larger rides to go on. Father Christmas village is set near the Legoland castle, and you will find even more Christmas trees, and great Lego displays. legoland-bricktacular-24 Once your slot time has arrived you need your booking confirmation of your slot, and then you are told to follow the path, a maze of more Christmas trees, it is so lovely and very Christmassy. legoland-bricktacular-25 With their golden ticket ready they headed around the path, bursting with excitement to see Father Christmas! legoland-bricktacular-26 So excited…..that the special golden ticket got blown away and knocked off the bridge…..there was no way we were going to get it as we were too high up…….a LOT of tears happened and poor Sofia thought that it meant she was no longer able to see Father Christmas. legoland-bricktacular-27 We were so lucky though, as we showed the elf and told him what had happened, like all the staff at the Christmas Bricktacular, he was amazing! He told her that it was ok, and that he would telepathy it over to the elves with Father Christmas and let them know he saw her golden ticket and that all was ok. He was great, stayed in character and was fun and exciting for her. Saving the day! So off we went with 3 happy children again! legoland-bricktacular-28 Father Christmas was great with the kids, gave them time, chatted away to them and listened to their answers. He sat having his photos done with us, and made them all happy to visit him. Gave out his presents, and said Goodbye. legoland-bricktacular-29 They kids were over the moon with their presents, a Lego set for them each and a Christmas bag to pop them in. I think it was such great value, and everyone made it perfect for the kids. We then headed off to Miniland to go Lego minifigure spotting! legoland-bricktacular-35 Legoland miniland has been filled with extra people, scenes and even a Father Christmas and his sleigh for the Christmas Bricktacular. The kids loved walking around spotting all the extra pieces. legoland-bricktacular-miniland Once this was done, we followed the wiggly hill walk path back up to the top, along the way you could spot the Christmas puddings. Each one had a letter assigned to it, which once you had found them all your could spell out a word. legoland-bricktacular-36 This took them all the way back up to the top of the hill, and back into the main entrance. By this point it was starting to get dark, and we were able to see all the lights they had put up in the trees. legoland-bricktacular-38 We had an amazing time at the Christmas Bricktacular at Legoland, I would 100% recommend you going along. The ticket gives you entrance to the park and activities from 10am-7pm, so you have a full day to make the most of it. My kids loved it and so did we. legoland-bricktacular-5 Please take a look at my video of the day, you will get a good feel for the day and how excited the children were! *I am a 2016 LEGOLAND Blogger Ambassador and we were invited along to review the Christmas Bricktacular, but all words are honest and of my own. Our previous visits to Legoland  Legoland Fireworks and Halloween Event Legoland Nexo Knights Party  Legoland Pop Star Party Legoland 4D New Adventure Movie    legoland-christmas

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  1. Thanks for sharing all your experiences.It was amazing and I can understand how you people have enjoyed.I am planning to visit Legoland soon.

  2. This looks amazing, so Christmassy. We’ve been to Legoland but never near Christmas. Will have to make a point of going next year maybe 🙂 Great pics and lovely review.

  3. The London Mum Reply

    I never knew that Legoland did such a big christmas event- it looks great!

  4. Kerry Norris Reply

    Oh wow this looks fab. I’ve never thought to go there at Christmas time x

  5. Oh my goodness, that looks amazing. My two are a bit old for Lego now (so they tell me) but they would have loved this a few years ago x

  6. Megan - Truly Madly Kids Reply

    Wow, this looks like a great festive day out, and the pressies from Santa are great! Mainland is my favourite bit of legoland – would love to see it with a festive twist!

  7. Lauren Belle du Brighton Reply

    This looks so magical! I think my husband would enjoy this as much as the kids would!

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