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Our Mother’s Day Wish List

Isn’t it fun to create wish lists? But us parents get few chances for this. We rarely have time to sit down and really think about the presents we’d like to receive.

One of the rare occasions where we are spoiled is Mother’s Day. With a month to go until this special Sunday, we explore our top ideas for hardworking mums.

Aromatherapy Kit

Spa days appeal to many mums – but most of us never have the time for one. With this in mind, why not enjoy this luxury from home?

Imagine a bundle of moisturisers and bath goodies. Wouldn’t that be the perfect way for the kids to show how much they care? An essential oil can fit nicely into your coat pocket – and so, you could have an aromatherapy moment wherever you are.

Even better, specialists like Neal’s Yard Remedies can provide organic relaxation products. With this gift, you can enhance your mood and protect the planet at the same time.


A scrapbook can be a thoughtful gift for anyone, especially for a mum. This is a gift that you can hold on to forever. The kids are likely to enjoy making it, too. It might even inspire them to pursue art as a hobby. You never know, this present could lead to a new regular family pursuit.

But simply, it will make for a very touching gift. It may very well highlight the magic of being a mum. And that’s why it appears on our wish list.

Personalised Jewellery

Personalised jewellery doesn’t just apply to engraved silver – it can cover any accessory that’s tailored to you.

Ok, you may be more inclined to wear a fancier piece out in public. But a home-made headband or friendship bracelet from the kids could be a lovely memento.

Like a scrapbook, you’ll be able to hold on to it for years to come. Should you move home in the future, you can take this souvenir with you – and it can adorn each space you live in.

Affordable Locket

An affordable locket containing a picture of you, your children, or all of you together could be a meaningful present, too. It could be particularly valuable during stressful times.

Should you require something positive to focus on, just bring out your necklace and could brighten your day instantly. For most of us, nothing makes us feel happier than our children do. Shouldn’t the perfect gift illustrate this?

That’s our Mother’s Day wish list! How does yours look? Whatever you decide to add to it, make sure that it’s bespoke you. This day is all about you, after all.

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