I think 2017 has been one of the quickest years so far of my life! It’s now over and done with, but I am SO ready for 2018! FOr my last weekend in pictures is our New Years Weekend. 

I will apologise for the rubbish quality photos again this week, I have the camera on auto, snapped on my phone and it’s been nice to have a break from taking photos over the holidays! 

Saturday 30th December 

So a very very lazy start to the weekend! I stayed in bed till 12pm, of course I got up and made breakfast (but took it back to bed!) I haven’t done that in ages. I didn’t waste it though, I started my content planning for January and hoping to get more organised and plan a few months ahead now so I can stay on top of things. 

Popped over to my Mums house to install my Dad’s new Google Home we got him, however my Mum can’t help but give us cakes when we go over! Looks she also arranges them so they look nice too! 

The day before we surprised the kids with an extra Christmas present! Do you remember when we went to London for the Cozmo and Uniqlo event? Well they loved our pictures of the event and social media so much that they wanted to send us a Cozmo! We knew about this just before Christmas but didn’t want it to over shadow Christmas presents, I knew they were going to BURST!! 

So we gave it to them the day before this, WOW they couldn’t believe it!!! Cozmo is amazing and my kids are so grateful to have received him. He has been played with A LOT so far.

Sorry for a rubbish photo, we walked to my parents so it was a good excuse to look at everyones Christmas lights for one last time. 

My back was feeling pretty painful after all the busyness of Christmas, and probably doing far too much. So I was on strict instructions to curl up on the sofa and rest. Make the most of the pretty Christmas tree whilst it’s still up.

Sunday 31st December – New Years Eve 

We had a quiet New Year last year so this year we asked if our friends wanted to come over for a little get together. The kids all get on so we knew everyone would be happy! 

So a day of tiding after Christmas, getting ready, dog walked and chilling out! The girls are slowly working through their Christmas presents and todays choice was Blow Pens! 

Hubby was making a slow cooker mince for a massive Lasagna for 9 people….it only just fitting in the pot. Then his knob fell off!!! So had to use pillars to turn the turn to set the temperature!!! 

A obligatory couples picture all smarted up!  

My camera really struggled with low lighting and movement on auto in these pics!!!

But this is ‘*Who’s The Dude‘ game! Over 16’s but you could filter out the cards on what ones were suitable for older kids! You have to use the Dude to explain what he is doing, what he is, or a film! Plus various other bits, we had a good giggle with this game and would be fun for a games night with friends and family. 

I’m so rock on roll!! I got to about 11:30 and thought ‘I need a cup of tea!!’ in my new Chip mug which I love!! 

Watching the big fireworks in London the TV after cheering and wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Then we had to teach them Auld Lang Syne and the joining of everyones hands!! 

Monday 1st January – New Years Day 

WOW my kids slept until 10am!!!! OK they didn’t get to sleep till 1:30am but hey they still gave us a lay in! Even the dog was tired the next day!!

My Sister and her family popped over to see us today, she lives in Devon so we don’t get to see them very often. So we exchanged presents and look how lovely my Sisters presents looked. However I was rubbish and didn’t get a photo of us all, told you I was enjoying the break! 

New Years Day has to be a roast doesn’t it! 

As we were sat around the table eating we realised that it was 16 years ago to the day that I first started to chatting to hubby online! Now look at us! So we had a play around with my new crystal photography ball, the kids held it for us! 

The curled up in bed with the rest of Mother In Laws Christmas pudding…..before hubby goes back to work tomorrow. 

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  1. I just readythis whole post and all I could think, about your entire new year adventures was; ooh, ooh, I’ve got that mug too! Rock and roll indeed!

    • I know it’s amazing isn’t it!! I have wanted one for so long, I have a tea in it right now!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a busy time. I love that you used your time in bed for content planning. I always use my lie ins to catch up with work too

    • I know I was SO shocked too! They are starting to learn what lay ins are……Mondays are their favourite day to have a lay in on!!

  3. Justine Robson Reply

    Happy Online-iversary to you and your Husband. What a lovely time you all have had. Really like those blow pens.

    • Wow 17 years ago! I thought it was unheard of 16 years ago, but it’s great that we found them hey!

  4. We tested out the cozmo at the digital kids event – it was fab! Also, couldn’t help but chuckle about his knob falling off!

  5. I love that crystal photography ball. have you taken many pictures with it? Will follow you on Instagram 😉 Have a happy 2018!

  6. What a lovely New Year’s weekend 🙂 I love your sister’s wrapping and your mum’s cakes look so delicious!!!xx

    • She made such a great effort with her wrapping too! Shame to open them all

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