Last weekend we visited The Sculpture Park Farnham and spent a couple of hours there exploring the 10-acre woodland grounds together. It was so nice to get out together and visit somewhere different. My girls really love art and are very creative, so this was right up their street. 

Finding The Sculpture Park was easy enough following google maps, the entrance is just off the road and right opposite the pub on the corner of the road. As you can see from this picture here, the parking is along this road, there is a small car park at the entrance for a handful of cars. You need to tuck the car over, and be respectful of neighbors! 

The Sculpture Park also says you can park in the pub car park directly across the road, and as The Sculpture Park doesn’t have any food or drink for sale, this would be a perfect place to stop off afterward. 

Once you arrive at the entrance, with the large metal gates, you follow the directions down through the woods. Nicely place hand sanitizer too! 

Admission is £10 adults and £5 for concessions, and you can also bring your dog on the lead too.  

You make your way down the pathway towards the reception to book in, you need to currently book online before arriving (May 2021) you can already see lots of sculptures and one of our favorite ones, the shark with hands! 

The reception building is down by the Dovecot with the Doves flying around which was lovely to see. I don’t think the kids have seen Doves up close like this before. 

Once checked in, you’re given a map with all the routes around The Sculpture Park. These are colour coded, and then arrows are placed around the paths to guide you all around. This makes it feel very covid safe as everyone is going the same way and as the paths are all very narrow, there aren’t any crossing paths with people. 

With around 650 sculptures dotted all around the park, there’s something for everyone! From big to small, and made from all different materials This was the biggest one and all made from horseshoes. 

What is amazing about The Sculpture Park, is that every piece you see is for sale, and with 300 different artists there is such a different choice in styles, and ideas. 

But it also means it’s ever-changing, and new pieces arrive and it’s nice to see an empty stand as it means someone has loved a piece enough to purchase it themselves. 

The trails around The Sculpture Park are around 2 miles long, with some steep areas that look down over the parks lakes. You don’t have to do the climb up if you’re not able to, as you can stay around the lower woods and lakes. 

It isn’t the first place you would think about taking the kids, and it’s not a place where you can let your kids climb and touch all the sculptures. You have to be respectful of them, but mine are old enough to understand this. But we all found it really interesting walking around, with the different names, styles and had a few giggles at a lot of them! 

It was like going on a walk with lots of things to talk about and see. I loved how interesting they had made the woodland. with twists and turns, boardwalks, bridges, waterfall areas and lots of little areas to find. 

I loved the lower water areas, with streams and lakes. There is plenty of wildlife around as well, we spotted many different birds, had lunch with a Robin and little ducklings swimming around. 

There isn’t anywhere to have lunch, but you’re welcomed to have a picnic there. We found this little area with seating, there isn’t many places to sit to eat, but bring a picnic rug and pop yourself down somewhere! 

We had a lovely couple of hours exploring and chatting together with the kids, it was a very peaceful place to be. 

Take a look at their website to find out more information and to book your visit to The Sculpture Park 

I hope you found this blog post of The Sculpture Park Farnham useful, and you have a brilliant visit yourself too. 

Video Of The Sculpture Park 

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  1. It really does look like a lovely place to explore. I have seen photos on Instagram previously and always thought I should add it to our list of places to visit.

  2. Oh wow it looks beautiful there. What a lovely day out will have to add this to our list of places to visit in Surrey.


    The sculpture park looks like a gorgeous place to vist. I’d love to go for a relaxing walk around there for the day.

  4. Looks such a lovely day out. Nice to take the kids somewhere peaceful to have a wander and enjoy some art at the same time. It looks so pretty down by the water.

    • It was very pretty and I reckon once the summer comes with more flowers it will look really lovely with some colour

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