Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Friday 28th September 2018 – Kev’s Birthday! 

An exciting day today! Kevs birthday and we have a very special treat. First off though it was cuddles, cards and presents! 

A treat for the girls as Kev could take them to school with me too, which they loved. Kisses goodbye and then we were off! 

We had been gifted an experience with Red Letter Days to Windsor for a night away and a trip around Windsor Castle. My parents had the privilege (hehe!) on looking after the kids. 

We had a beautiful room (after a little issue with the first one!) and it was just so nice to be able to relax and have a conversation with Kev without someone interrupting!

Although this moment made laugh! 

 Peace, cup of tea, box of chocolates, TV and in bed! 

I will be writing up my full review on the blog at the end of the week, so I will save more info till then. 

Saturday 29th September  2018

Sunday 30th September 2018

Everyone slept in late this morning, after all the excitement of the weekend! 

I picked these off our pear tree…..I was very impressed with them. It’s only a little pear tree and there is loads on there too. Just letting them ripen up a bit in the warm before we eat them though. 


Sofia had a head bump in the middle of the night, not quite sure how but she was quite sleepy the next day. She wanted to make Daddys birthday cake though as she promised him she would. Bless her heart  

A very tasty coffee and walnut cake that Kev loved! 

Even if he blew so hard that the walnuts blew all over the table!!!

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  1. I love the picture with the kids cuddling with their dad! That’s such a nice picture. Glad he had a great birthday weekend and you all had fun!

  2. It looks like you had a fab weekend celebrating Kev’s birthday. How wonderful to get a night away just the two of you. Hope you had the best time x

  3. Looks like he had a great birthday! Bless her getting a bump on her head – that cake looks great though, good job.

  4. I have always wanted to go to Windsor Castle, I didn’t realise you could do it as a Red Letter day. That’s good to know. It looks like you all had a great time celebrating Kev’s birthday!

  5. It looks like he had such a lovely birthday and you guys must have had such a fantastic little break away. I miss just being able to chat especially as I lose my train of thought as soon as they interrupt!

    • There is so many conversations I have started and forgotten to finish the conversation too! It was so nice to be able to just chat

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