Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 6th October  2018

OK I was rubbish! I didn’t get any photos of anything we were doing, OK well I did but it was all for a blog project that I can’t pop on the blog yet! 

The only one I got was Sofia and Gus on Saturday evening! 

I have decided to put my Project365 daily photos up on a separate account. This way I can keep all my images together so when it comes to making a photobook with them all it’s much easier! Feel free to follow me if you want 

Sunday 7th October 2018

Saturday was terrible weather so when Sunday came around and it was a beautiful weather we headed straight out for a walk. Somewhere new and in the middle of The New Forest! 

It was a large wood which had a lovely circular walk and pretty quiet too. 

It had the most perfect Pooh Sticks bridge!

Gus made the most of it too! 

Look at these perfect looking fairy toadstools too! 

I do love Autumn, look at the colours on the tree changing. Going to make the most of these walks before we are freezing on our walks!! 

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  1. This forest looks like it stepped out of the pages of a fairytale book I have to find this place!

  2. you guys look like you had fun on your walk. We too went for a forest walk on Sunday and thought how gorgeous the colours were, we also found toadstools…Not as pretty as yours though!

    • You don’t often see toadstools like that do you, I was so excited to see them!!

  3. We’ve not been out for a good walk yet for a while. We are so busy with house renovations weekends just whizz by. I am looking forward to the half term so I can get out again with my girls.

    • Oh yes the house renovation always take so long to get done don’t they, I miss my walks when were doing house stuff

  4. Stunning autumn photos, I love the fairy toadstools! The new forest is the best place for autumn walks, I’m going to miss it this year!xx

  5. Oh wow what gorgeous photos! Those toadstools dont even look real! They are so pretty, like something from a fairy tale!

    • I know! Me and my girls were so excited when we saw them, proper fairy toadstools!

  6. I actually loved the horrid weather last weekend as I got to explore the forest more which you guys did too

  7. That walk looked amazing and the colours beautiful. I love the bridge. So good for pooh sticks but also for running back and forth across. You are finding so many lovely new places out there

    • It was such a lovely walk and it suited us really well. So nice to find one that was so natural

  8. That’s a great idea to set up a new account for the photos. What a lovely place for a walk too, loving those toad stools, beautiful photos!

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