Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 13th October  2018

I get so fed up with girls hairstyles! Sofia won’t wear her hair down but I’m not very good at putting it up. We looked on YouTube but her hair never goes the same way as the videos!! 

I was getting her ready for a party and wanted to try something different but it didn’t happen. She wrapped up her present ready for the party!

Gus and Tyler loved agility today 

Once we dropped Sofia off at her party and Lily was at her friends, we had Tyler still. So we took him out for lunch. 

Before popping to the pumpkin field and sweetcorn field. Tyler picked his corn on the cob for dinner tonight! 

Sunday 14th October 2018

It was a rainy start to the day and Sofia was being dropped off at 10am. The poor Mum had 9 to sleepover!!!

I’m loving this little gadget I got a few months ago for my post on fewer chemicals in the house I sat down and looked at the book that came with it and it’s got lots of mixtures of essential oils to create some lovely smells. So I’ve been experimenting with them to find our favs! 

Got the Halloween decorations up too, the kids love having them up for a couple of weeks and I like the change

This little cat is such a cutie, he is our neighbours and we’ve known him since a kitten. He runs over and says Hello to us when we come home and sits outside the front door in the mornings! 

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  1. I love that you decorate the house for Halloween! Is that Pickwell farm? I miss that place!xx

  2. What a lovely weekend full of memories. That hair braid looks good to me. Your daughters hair looks lush and thick like my little ones…it’s quite tricky getting it to stay up. Have you tried braiding the front section and then popping it all up into a ponytail? The front braid makes it easier to manage x

  3. Our little lady won’t let me do her hair up anymore and she always has it down now!! I love the idea of freshly picked sweetcorn, as it is one of my favourite things especially done on the campfire!!

    • Down would be easier! I am so fed up of a ponytail! Oh yes campfire corn on the cob would be tylers favourite thing I reckon!

  4. Goodness, you’re early with your Halloween decorations! Though I am just very jealous as we’re away this year – no pumpkin carving for us 🙁

  5. Looks like you had a lovely weekend! I’ve always wanted to pick corn lol! Thanks for sharing – oh and your decor looks fab 🙂

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