Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 8th December  2018 

It’s my 11th Wedding Anniversary today. When I came downstairs I had a beautiful bouquet of deep red roses. 

Kev hid them in the garage so I wouldn’t see them until this morning, which was so lovely. 

Tyler had agility, I got some jobs done around the house and then we needed to pop out and get some blog photos. Little sneaky peek! 

We are having a couple of early Christmas Days this year with family and the kids have been given some Christmas presents early too. Lucky devils! 

My parents popped over to ours 

They loved the homemade potato wrapping paper

They also were babysitting for us so we could go out to the cinema together. 

We went to see Bohemian Rhapsody which was brilliant, but it was helped by the fact that we went to Showcase Cinema which has massive leather reclining armchairs to watch the film!!!

Southampton looked very pretty all lit up with the ice rink too. But we felt very old walking through the city on a Saturday night! 

Sunday 9th December 2018

Christmas visit day 2! Today we went off to Wiltshire to see Kevs Mum and his Auntie. 

Thanks to Trip Advisor we found a very lovely pud to get a Sunday dinner, The New Inn 

Sofia got the camera out to capture a couple of pictures! Knew this one would be a close up!!! 

They were very excited to get back to Nanas house as we were giving out gifts. It’s so lovely for the people who buy the presents to see them open them…..especially when you get such happy faces with their presents! 

 LOL Big Surprise was a big surprise and went down very well! 

Great looking present wrapping, they had no idea what was inside this! 

Yep this is two wireless microphones……wish me luck! 

Tyler has always been so reserved with his reactions, as a Mum I knew he was super happy with gifts but other people he looked not bothered! 

Well, not today! He had his eye on a new gaming keyboard, all signing and dancing kind of one. It was very expensive and so he was saving up for it. It was going to take him a while! So Kevs Mum, Auntie Dian and us clubbed together to surprise him and got the deluxe version too! 

This face is total shock…..! 

He was shaking after opening it and couldn’t believe it! 

Have to get a family photo of course! 

Back home to pick up Gus from my Mums house, if shes not babysitting the kids it’s the dog! Although I think the dog is much easier! 

Did you have a lovely weekend?  Getting ready for Christmas?

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! I’m glad you got to have a movie night with your husband. Glad your family got together for an early Christmas as well!

  2. Oh wow it looks like you had such a lovely weekend. That roast dinner looks so good! I love going to our local cinema, it’s more comfortable than being at home 😉

  3. What an incredible week spent with family and some early Christmas presents don’t hurt either.

  4. Love those reclining chairs!! We actually managed to get someone to look after our children and see it too 🙂 so chuffed as queen is my best band xx

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