Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 18th February 

Being members of the National Trust gives us the opportunity to get out an explore so many different places. We pick up the book and see where we fancy going and off we go. With ‘free’ entry and car parking, it makes a cheap day out.

Our friends had recently visited Devils Punch Bowl and said what a great place it was, and we would love it too. So we headed off out there. It is only about 50 minutes from us, but we haven’t explored that direction very much.

What a beautiful place, we had a lovely afternoon walking around and finding different paths to take.

We went down to the bottom, had a little picnic (first of the year!) and then across the top.

Does anyone else end up with teddies coming out on trips with them?!

We haven’t been out on many picnics with Gus, as he was only 8 weeks old at the end of August, so was being carried everywhere and then we didn’t have many after that. So he thought it was a good game when we all sat down on the floor to eat!! Thought we wanted to play, and ended up bundling us!!

Needs more picnic practice I think!!

It was so nice to be able to sit down on the floor and it not be covered in mud and wet! Lily made the most of it and took a little rest.

Sunday 19th February 

Up early for swimming lessons, although the girls were super excited this week. They moved up a swimming level, and they had new swimming suits to show off!

This picture will make my friends laugh, I hate hand sewing and always get my mother in law to sew on the kids badges or any sewing that needs doing. She doesn’t mind doing it, but I hate it! Hubbys coat ripped, so as he knows I’m not going to do it, or he waits for his Mum…..he did it himself!! I had to take a picture to prove it!!

The girls had a gym party to go to this afternoon.

So whilst they were there, we popped out to walk the dog. Tyler made the most of it being just us, and had a great run around with Gus.

The girls were tired out after their party, so we chilled out, did some blogging and had a tasty roast dinner.

Then they wanted to have a ‘sleepover’ together in the girls room as it was half term and no early morning tomorrow (wahoo!)


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  1. What a lovely weekend & such gorgeous weather! Becoming members of the National Trust is something that is definitely on my to-do list there are so many gorgeous places I’d love to visit! xx

    • There are so many places to explore with the National Trust, great if you go away on holiday in the UK as you can find new ones near you.

  2. Such a lovely weekend! The kids are having fun, everything is so beautiful! I wish I had moments like that with my parents when I was a kid. Those memories are the best and you can see how happy your family looks 🙂

    • Ah thank you Anna, that is very sweet of you. They are only young once aren’t they, so trying to make the most of those moments with them.

  3. Such lovely photos, it looks like you had a great weekend. I really need to sort a membership for the National Trust, as there are so many beautiful places to visit! x

    • It is the first year we have had a membership, but we will be renewing it. Used it so many times!

  4. I went to devils punch bowl a lot and loved it there…got lost everytime!! Can’t believe the weather you had. Also think it’s great Tyler will go into the girls room for a sleep over! That’s very lovely:-)

  5. Such a lovely way to spend a weekend. I have heard of the Devil’s punch bowl before but never been – must renew my National Trust membership!

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