Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 25th February 

What a busy half term week we had! Saturday seemed to just come around so quickly, and I completely lost track of what day of the week it was! So Saturday came around, and I was a rubbish blogger!! I forgot it was Saturday so took no pictures at the start of the day, and then I forgot my memory card for my camera when we did go out, I remembered the camera!! So the pictures were taken on Hubbys camera instead.

We took a trip off to Basildon Park National Trust, checked the weather and it was only going to be cloudy………just didn’t check if it was raining an hours drive away from home. I was on a roll this weekend! I’m blaming the half term craziness!

We brought supplies in the form of hot chocolate in a flask for the kids! So they enjoyed a quick pit stop in the rain.

We were ALL enjoying ourselves really!

We will come back in the warmer weather and do a walk, with a picnic and a look around the beautiful house.

The kids all snuggled up in our bed to watch The Voice, although Lily doesn’t usually make it to the end! She curls up with the others and falls asleep. 



Sunday 27th February 2016 

STILL painting!!

As Kev is in the girls room redecorating it, the girls had to play on the landing! Although they were quite happy filling my floor was all the Lego creations. So nice to see them creating. 

A day at home sorting out, and ticking off lots of jobs. So I caught up with The Brit Awards in the background.

Who else had a Tamagotchi? I loved mine, we found this one in the craft box….poor thing had been left all alone for weeks! 

Talking of the craft box, I got that out and gave it a good sort out. Next time I am keeping all the bits and bits in their own bags and not all together.

Who else HATES that feeling when you get to Sunday night and you think you have been organised and got all the uniform ready. Only to find out I had forgotten to iron the white load….grrrrr!!

Back to the routine for another few weeks until Easter!

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