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Saturday 4th March 2017

The twins had a party to go to today at 11am, so we spent the morning getting ready for that. The party was about 20 minutes from home, so we thought me, Kev and Tyler would take Gus for a walk in that area at the same time.

It was a beautiful day, so we headed off to Portchester Castle, I thought we might be hanging around for a while waiting for the girls, but we weren’t. We had a lovely time together, just the 3 of us for a change, and walked and chatted together for 1.5hrs. Then popped to Mc Donald’s for a quick bit of lunch (treat for Tyler!)

Don’t get a dog if your bothered by mud and mess! Gus loved running through the massive puddles, and I ended up in them too!

A bloggers life!(Picture taking!)

Terrible photo of me, but I was walking along throwing the dog’s ball, and they were chatting together about ‘Clash Of Clans’ as usual! Kind of cute!

Thank goodness for my dog towel bag for Gus, keeps all of his mess contained to him, and nicely dried by the time we got home!

We picked the girls up from their party, and like all kids they were sooooo hyper! Gus found one of their party hats that they had left out….so I think he must have wanted to wear it!! 

We are nearly there with the girls room….I will soon do a proper post showing all the bits and bobs, but we have had so many set backs on this room. So today we finally managed to build one of their beds…….

Sunday 5th March 2017

So then we made the other bed, downsides of twins, everything comes in sets of 2!

So whilst Daddy was doing the beds, the girls made jigsaws. They want to sell some they don’t play with anymore so we had to make sure they were complete. It was a good job done, but also kept them busy! 

This one is staying, they loved doing it so it has to stay!

This is how you usually find Tyler when we are at home, I don’t mind though as we are an active family who gets out and about. So usually we’ve had a trip out somewhere before this starts! This morning was swimming only, as we had to work in their girls room to get it all done. Then WE can relax!

A nice roast dinner, although not the same as my meal plan this week, as we had to make a quick stop off at the shop as we forgot to take out the chicken from the freezer!

See this……IKEA said the measurements of their new beds was 88cm as you can see they are not 88cm wide. So put 3cm x2 together and we’ve lost 6cm all together of the gap between their new beds. So that meant that we couldn’t get their new desks in between them. REALLY annoying, so that means another trip back to IKEA, and then choose a different set of drawers that will fit.

So instead of making desks, Daddy put up their new book shelves. They love them, so they are happy!

Here they are ready for bed, in their new beds, how quickly do you think they went to sleep?! 


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  1. Looks like u had a fun and busy weekend I love the look if your girls new beds The photo of Gus with the party hat on is so funny.

  2. Arghhhh be had the same problem with Ikea stuff! So annoying for you guys! I also love Gus, he’s so cute! It look a like younguys all had a lovely fun filled weekend! X

    • It is annoying isn’t it, we went in and told them that it was wrong. Gus is super cute!

  3. Looks like the perfect weekend. I love their beds. I need to pick up a new one for himself but haven’t decided yet.
    The dog and the party hat is so funny.

  4. Kerry norris Reply

    The castle look great. I absolutely adore that pic with the kids and dogs in party hats. Please please print that off x

    • It’s funny isn’t it! He is such a funny dog, and loves to join in with everything! Of course with a treat at the end of it!

  5. Love the photo of you taking a photo of Gus and I love the photo of your boys 🙂 lovely weekend looks like!

    • Things we do as bloggers hey! The picture was rubbish as well, my hair blowing in the way!!

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