Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 11th March 2017 

We had a quiet weekend this weekend, well needed as the next two weekends are going to be very busy! I wanted to get the twins bedroom finally all finished, and ready to take pictures for the blog.

Saturday morning is becoming a bit of a thing now to have a lay in! Although I’m not complaining about that one, make the most of it when we can.

First stop off was the school uniform shop, someone had taken Tylers school tie on Friday, so we had to go and buy a new one in town. So we packed up the dog in the boot too, and stopped off for our walk at Eastleigh Lakeside.

I shrunk my children…….

If you watch Saturday Night Takeaway, then you would have heard of Eastleigh Lakeside….it was one of the locations for tonight’s program and sofa location!

So as we all curled up (some of us find it more comfy on the floor) to watch Saturday Night Takeaway, that’s when we spotted that the sofa was located in the place we visited today! If we weren’t going away next weekend, I would have gone along and sat on Ant and Decs sofa!! 

Even when the kids go to bed, there is always another little one who likes a cuddle too. Gus couldn’t just settle by my feet, he had to be in my face!!

Sunday 12th March 2017

My Mum and Dad wanted some help with a couple of things around their house, their house is about a 15 minute walk from ours, so we walked up there to get some fresh air. Typical though, it starts raining as soon as we leave!!

Homework time with my little lefty

and my little righty!

Then some Xbox time, look at their faces!! and look at all that mess behind them #reallife 

I got out my dusty sewing machine today, I haven’t done any sewing or crafts for ages. I use to make so much but lost my confidence, but I am determined to do more, as I really enjoy it, and it felt so nice making this garland for the twins new bedroom.

We got so many jobs ticked off, so took a well earned break together with a hot drink and natter!

Poor old Gus, he was so confused by this talking dragon that puffs out ‘fire’ and roars at him!!

Daddy cuddles with his Daddys girl = two very happy people!

See these, these are a bargain in Aldi at only 89p. Great for a treat at the weekend for the kids, but they don’t always make it to the kids. They had been little monkeys this weekend, bickering between each other so much, and just generally hard work, so they ended up in mine and Kevs tummy instead!

We have a fun weekend coming up, and going away for the weekend with family. So I will have lots of lovely photos to share.


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  1. Love little Gus’ need to be sat on you, and how close is he to that dragon!! You can help Anja with her sewing in the summer and her machine!!!

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