Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 17th June 2017 

Today we had some visitors come to see us. Kev’s Mum lives in Wiltshire, and she pops down to visit us on the train with Kev’s Auntie too. They always treat the kids to a visit to the cake shop to pick a cake of their choice! 

It is lovely to see them, and they haven’t seen our new garden yet either. So they made the most of the sunshine, and sat outside and relaxed with us. 

My neighbour popped around some dog treats she had made….they went down VERY well with Gus!! 

Come the evening it was much cooler, so we dropped them off at the train station, and headed down to the beach to have a walk and let the dog have a swim to cool off. So nice to be able to do this, and have it only 15 minutes drive from home. 

I could happily get on that cruise liner and go off on holiday on it!! We have some massive cruise liners come into Southampton, so nice to be able to see them going off. 

Sunday 18th June 2017

Happy Father’s Day! 

We had to wake up early for swimming lessons, but Kev was greeted with 3 little ones with their cards and presents.

Take a look at Kev’s instagram and see the presents that the girls got him….. I paid £3.50 for that solar panel dancing dog?!! The school did a Fathers Day present shopping event, and we sent £3.50 in for them to purchase a gift! 

Once swimming lessons was done, we headed over to see my Dad. 

Earlier on, I had ordered a *slip and slide for the kids to play on. They had spotted them on YouTube, so as a surprise I purchased one….only for Argos to ‘lose’ our order…..where I don’t know. So the surprise was ruined. So I managed to quickly grab one from another Argos…..you should have seen their faces and how excited they were!! Best £11 spent this summer! 

Even the dog got in on the act, I think he loved the cold water in this heat. 

Kev had requested cheesecake as a  pudding….how could I refuse!! 

Monday 19th June 2017

We got an extra day with the girls this weekend, they had an inset day. So a trip out for lunch with them, we would have done more but it was so HOT! The girls don’t usually dress the same, but I got these dresses from BooHoo and they were perfect for this weather, but they did actually like dressing them same! 

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  1. Wow it really looks like you made the most of the glorious weather both at home, in the garden and at the beach! That cheesecake looks amazing btw

    Laura x

    • It’s been so nice to have some sunshine, but a bit of a shock to the system!!

  2. Aww it looks like youve had a fabulous weekend and i love the look of that cake!! Living by the coast is lovely isnt it – we are around 30 mins away so tend to visit regularly and theres nothing better than seeing the kids run free!

    • Good choice of hubbys on the cake hey!! The kids love the beach, nothing beats it

  3. Your garden looks amazing, I really want a play frame like that for mine and the water mat looks like a lot of fun

  4. It looks like you’ve had a fab week. Your garden is gorgeous. I wish I lived near the sea so that me and the dogs could cool off in the water! #pointshoot

  5. We live by the coast too and it is lovely just to be able to pop for a walk. The girls looked gorgeous in their matching outfits. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

  6. That slip and slide looks awesome I had no idea you could buy them! Going to have to have a look into one of those….

    • Thank you, it was a lot of work but we got there in the end! That was the best thing we have purchased in this house, they use it so much

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