Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 24th June 2017 

We had quite a few little jobs to get done today, so we popped out for a walk, and a visit to the pet shop. It was Gus’s 1st birthday on Sunday, so we wanted to get him some presents, spoilt dog!! 

Gave in and gave Gus one of his birthday presents early!! He LOVED it! 

Hubby quickly snapped this one of me and Gus! As soon as I sit somewhere, he knows I’m not going anywhere for a bit, so he will come and lay down with me! As close as he can get! (Yes the dead grass STILL hasn’t grown……!) 

However my plants are! 

I spotted these little presents by one of the fairy doors…..the fairy was meant to come and collect the presents! But what is sweet, Lily built a ramp for her. 

Kev is helping me build a peg board for my office space., so that was todays job. 

He’s trying to work out how many holes he drilled…..400 and something!!! 

We were blasting out Glastonbury tonight, having a sing along and dance! They are a bunch of crazy kids, but so is their Mum so we’re not surprised!!

Sunday 25th June 2017 

Birthday presents for Gus! I can’t believe he is 1 year old, time goes so quickly. We love him so much, and he has fitted in perfectly. 

The usual swimming run, whilst Tyler and Kev go off for a walk together, this time they found the view point we were looking for on our Holly Hill want the other week. I love this picture of Tyler and Gus, he’s looking up with such anticipation on whats coming next!  

We headed over to our friends house for a BBQ, and for my local readers check out Owtons, they do a very good value BBQ meat pack. 

They had the pool out too, so lots of fun was had together. 

Of course you can’t have your birthday without a birthday cake…..he Gus is waiting for his cake!! 

We even saved him a sausage from the BBQ too! 

We had a lovely weekend, roll on next weekend! 

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  1. This is a huge pool, my kids would adore this!! Did it need refilling after dad’s flop?

    • Well it lost a lot of water after he had been in it!!! It was MUCH fuller at the start of the day!

  2. Gus is gorgeous. My dog does the same, she squeezes in so close, I love it! The pool looked like lots of fun. But my fave was the photo of Tyler and Gus at Holly Hill! Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime

    • Cute picture isn’t it, hubby doesn’t usually get photos but he did this time and he did well!

  3. We watched some of the Glasto highlights too – wish we were there! Sounds like a great couple of days, good company and good food!

    • It is super cute, you should see the letters my daughter has been writing to the fairy this week!

    • Great pool isn’t it, didn’t even have a heater in it and they were still happy!

  4. aww haha happy birthday Gus! looks like an eventful one and loving the sausage cupcake :p The fairy door is pretty cute too :p

  5. Looks like a lovely weekend, I hope Gus enjoyed his birthday. Our dog is spoilt too but all year round

    • Ah lucky dog! I don’t think Gus would mind if he was given birthday cake every week!!

  6. Michelle Murray Reply

    Great photos of your weekend. That pool looks amazing and lots of fun was had in it.

  7. Hi, I love the dog cake oh and I’m not sure who enjoyed the pool the children or the grown up .

  8. What more could you ask for in a weekend, BBQ, pool party, festival, birthday party for gus. A fabulous weekend had x

  9. That’s a fantastic size pool! We got ours out last week but no sooner was it all inflated and full then it got a lot colder oop north! Always the way!

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