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Saturday 15th July 2017 

I have seen so many lovely photos on Instagram over the past couple of weeks of Lavender fields, I couldn’t wait to visit our local one. We have a couple in our area that open for a few days a year, one we visited last year. However I had also seen another one, and off we went! 

Lordington Lavender farm is near Chichester. Really simple to get to, and a lovely big field that sweeps up hill so gives a beautiful background to your pictures. Here are some of my favorite ones, bit I’m going to do another post on with more pictures this week! 

You will notice not many of Tyler, that is because he really isn’t keen on bee’s and there was a lot of them! He tried super hard for me, and I was really proud of him. Last year he wouldn’t even step foot in between the lavender, where as this year he managed to get in the paths and have a couple of photos taken for me. Super proud 

This was my few behind me, when he was attempting to walk through it with us!

This the view between photos!!!!! 

Sofia was really into taking photos too, I think she might need a camera of her own to learn on.

I wanted to enter a blogging competition, and I gave hubby the challenge of coming up with a recipe for the BBQ! He loves a challenge!! Take a look at our BBQ Mozzarella Chicken Parcels, and see what you think. Fingers crossed! 

I had somewhere very important to be in the afternoon. My best friend had her beautiful baby boy, and I needed to see her and finally meet this little chap. 

Sunday 9th July 2017

After the usual Sunday swimming lessons, and hubby giving me a lovely lay in, we headed out to The New Forest for a walk, play and picnic. 

This is my favourite photo of Tyler, normally he is really stiff and unnatural when he has his photo taken (100% get it as I am like it too!!) So I managed to capture this one whilst he was playing with the girls. 

Sofia spotted this butterfly, and I was gutted my camera didn’t capture it properly (my fault!!) as it would have been a lovely photo if the butterfly was in focus too. 

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram I also post a daily picture, and at the end of the year I put them together into a Photobook.




  1. Wow they are gooooorgeous photos! I’ve never actually seen a lavender field in real life, I didn’t realise they were so purple, I’m so daft!

  2. My foster mum has a caravan out in West Whittering which is near Chichester if you know it? I will definitely recommend the lavender fields to her!

    • Yes I know Chichester,and west Witterings! That is one of our favourite places to visit

    • They are so pretty, be quick though as they don’t keep them open for too long

  3. I need to see if we have a lavendar field near us, gorgeous photos and yay for baby cuddles

  4. kerry norris Reply

    Lovely photos. Those lavender field ones are amazing. I need to find some close to us x

    • Ah thanks! Glad you love them, shame the fields only last a few weeks isn’t it

    • Thank you, I was surprised how many there was near us. I really want to find a sunflower field!!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I would love to visit a lavender field and take some pictures, they look great. Looks like a lovely fun filled week 🙂

  6. Oh wow!!! Your photos in the lavender field are jus amazing! Your an extremely talented photographer 🙂 x

    • Oh bless you, that is so kind and means a lot. I have been practising lots! Thank you

  7. Wow these pictures are beautiful, I’d never even thought about visiting a lavendar field, I’m going to have a google now and see if there are any nearby.

  8. Nicole Skinner Reply

    I have just added the lavandar fields to my visit wish list… stunning photographs!

  9. Oh those Lavender field photos….simply stunning! And how lovely to spend time with your best friend and baby 🙂 x

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