Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 22nd July 2017 

Back in 2002 I met my now husband, and we shared our first kiss down our local countrypark! Royal Victoria Countrypark in Netley. We love this countrypark, full of great play areas for the kids to play, the sea for the dog to swim in and lots of open to space to run and picnic in. 

So when I heard that they were running a ‘Raise The Roof’ event, I had to do it. The current chapel is being renovated with a lottery grant. It use to be much bigger than this, and holds a lot of history.

It use to be a military  hospital, and in 1863 it opened and was Britain’s largest hospital holding 1,000 beds.  With around 50,000 people treated here in WW1 and aruond 68,000 in WW2. Have a look at more of its history here. I look forward to when it is finished and finding more history about this building. 

So as you can see it currently has no roof tiles on, that’s where we came in! They were giving you the opportunity to decorate one of the roof slates. A donation of £5, and left to put whatever you want onto it, see more here

Own little bit of history at the place where it all started.

If your local, pop down next weekend and have a go yourself. The kids loved it, and I love that we can tell them, and they can tell their kids that we have our own slate on the roof. 

Another chance to visit this cutie, my kids were invited over to meet little Archie, my best friends baby. They had been very excited to meet him, but I think the girls were a little over whelmed by the reality of this tiny little person. They’ve been the youngest in our family/friends group.

I let the girls have a play with my camera, so some of these the girls pics and some are mine. They loved taking pictures of Rudi the dog!!

Sunday 23rd July 2017

A day at home, so I didn’t take many photos, opps! Although I did capture this rose with all the rain drops on. That summed up the day, it rained so much!! 

This yellow rose was a cutting I was given last year. My next door neighbour has beautiful lilac rose, and I asked him if he minded cutting a cutting for me. One day he arrived around with 6 cuttings, and wasn’t very hopeful that any would take…..well 2 did…..!

Since then his Mum has sadly passed away, she was a lovely lady and always got the kids an Easter Egg, and Christmas present for them. 

I was chuffed as I had managed to grow 2 our of 6 of her roses, however I think he may have given me the wrong cuttings as these roses have come through yellow, rather than Lilac!! Next mind, they are still a beautiful rose, and still something to remember her by.

Do you reckon that one will be yellow too?! 

Kids have been playing with this set that we were sent, I will do a full blog post soon but they were right up my kids street and kept them busy for quite a while. 

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram I also post a daily picture, and at the end of the year I put them together into a Photobook.



    • Yes your right, it really does make the kids think about the history and also being a part of it too

  1. Awww, it looks like you have had such an amazing weekend. It must have been so lovely meeting your friend’s new arrival.

  2. Archie is so cute! Looks like a great weekend and I love the idea of the raise the roof, especially in a place with so much history!

  3. Looks like you’ve had a great weekend. We didn’t do much as I was at work and we’d just arrived back from a week in Tenby

    • Oh yes need a weekend to chill after a busy week away, hope you had a lovely time

  4. I adore that roof tile idea. How lovely to know that your family’s beginnings is going to be part of that building’s ongoing history!!

  5. What a fantastic idea to enable people to decorate their own slate roof tile – you’re now part of history! 🙂

  6. Dean of Little Steps Reply

    Looks like you guys had a lovely busy weekend. Loving the photos especially of your new baby – so, so, so adorable!

    • He’s such a cutie isn’t he, love him already, great thing about being my best friends is that I don’t get the sleepless nights!

  7. This sounds like a perfect weekend, I love that you got to write on a slate tile! The baby (and dog!) are very cute and that rose is so pretty !

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