Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. This weekend was all about freedom, after a few weeks of me being stuck on the sofa, we enjoyed spending some quality time together. 

Saturday 9th September 2017

Over the school holidays, and whilst my back has been bad Tylers been doing agility with Gus. He has fallen in love with it, and now he has decided he wanted to do it as well! So now signed up to start it on a Saturday.

This afternoon was made for snuggling up and watching TV. We popped YouTube on the telly and picked out lots of songs to sing and the girls loved seeing the music videos! Although they weren’t sure on FIVE as I singing along to it!! 

As you can see my dog makes a fantastic window!!!

As I have been feeling so rubbish for the past few weeks, me and hubby had a ‘date’ night. Just lit some candles, cooked a yummy dinner and watched trashy TV together on the sofa. 

This was so tasty, and super easy to make. Chilli and Lime Chicken, with Cous Cous 

Whats going on these white skittles…..!?

Sunday 10th September 2017 

The Sunday swim run, dressing up like Mummy! 

I wanted to escape the house, go for a walk, I haven’t been for a walk for weeks, so off we went somewhere quiet, new and space for everyone to run. A great surprise, a tree swing, ABOVE a stream! After a few wobbles, and them all not feeling brave enough to do it, our bold Sofia went first! Loved it, and then the other two had a go!! 

The dog was happy to as he got to have a swim with his tennis ball! 

This picture was the moment all of us felt free again. The kids have always enjoyed going out for a walk, but having a few weeks stuck at home not being able to have a proper walks and no adventures has made them realise that yes they are defiantly good fun! 

Gus was happy to be out with his family, run free and I think Sofia enjoyed running with him too. I spotted her giving him a cuddle and telling him how much she loved him. 

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram I also post a daily picture, and at the end of the year I put them together into a Photobook.



    • Lol!! We’ve had them so long!! Date nights are good to have, even if it’s at home and chilling

  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend and you can’t beat a good dog walk

  2. Finding a tree swing is always a highlight of any day out. Loving your doggy window – my 4 year old does that too

  3. I hope your back is feeling better now. It is so good to get out after you have been stuck in the house so long. I like the idea of a youtube sing-a-long too. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • I’m getting better, but still got issues, so be nice to get back to normal at some point! But the fresh air and freedom was SO nice

  4. Ooooh swinging above a stream now THAT is my idea of fun….there’s nothing like getting outside to make a weekend wonderful in my book.

  5. Your idea of a good date night is right up my street! Love the agility photos too – I’m hoping if we get a dog my kids will enjoy training it as much!

    • I love doing it, it’s when we get the chance to be a family and nice to capture those moments

  6. Aww looks like a lovely weekend – Iighting candles is such an easy way to make everything seem cosy 🙂

    • Now the nights are drawing in, it’s nice to be able to lite them and make the house feel all cosy.

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