Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

Saturday 16th December 

It was a buys day today, Tyler was up early and off to Sainsburys with the Scouts to do some bag packing. Can you just imagine all these little kids packing everyones Christmas shopping at the end of the tills…..!! 

So whilst Tyler was out doing that we headed out for a walk, stretch the girls legs and run the dog around. The girls though it was amazing as it was a frosty morning and huge ice puddles everywhere. They spent ages just picking up pieces of ice to hold and inspect! 

In the evening we headed off to a caravan park that my Mum and Dad were staying at for the weekend. My cousin and her youngest son was there too, they enjoyed the amusements!

There was a Queen tribute band on, he was really good and even came right up to Lily and sung to her!! Her face lit up, and didn’t know what to make about that!!! 

Pretty late night though, and didn’t get home till 1am! 

Sunday 17th December 

As you can imagine a pretty lazy day today, the girls were meant to be swimming but they were so fast asleep when we went to get them up that we just couldn’t do it to them. So we went back to bed! Only for them to say they had another 20 minutes sleep and then they got up!! 

It was grooming day for Gus today,  I normally do it but with my back I have been struggling to keep on top of him. So I called my groomer who has a mobile van and does it on my drive way.

Here he is before…..

Here he is after! He is like a little sheep! 

However my house wasn’t empty from a dog……we had my groomers French Bulldog puppy whilst she was grooming Gus. The girls didn’t mind AT all…nor did I!! 

Sofia is in love with Pugs, so this is the next best thing! 

We all needed a restful day, and we did just that! Next weekend is going to be very busy, so making the most of it!! Sainsburys sent a mincemeat toastie recipe through….so perfect day to try it out. Yum it was so quick and easy! Puff pastry, mincemeat and cook for 5 minutes in the toasty machine

Tyler stayed overnight with my parents, so he was happy to have some clean doggy cuddles with Gus! 

So next week is Christmas! WOW! Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and thank you for following me on my weekend in pictures. I have really enjoyed doing them, and will be back next year with them! 

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  1. It sounds an amazing way to look at nature up close. The children look thrilled and enchanted by it. #PointShoot

  2. Gus looks lovely after his groom, that little dog is very cute too. I did not even know caravan parks were open at this time of year, it sounds like a good night. My children love the amusements too x

    • This caravan park is huge and I think it is open all year around. Like you though I didn’t think they were open all year either!

  3. We love finding icy puddles as the kids are fascinated by the ice. That Pug is super cute

  4. You weekend was definitely jam packed and that idea is incredible, we had icy areas here too but none you could actually pick up

  5. My three adore collecting the ice chunks and the novelty never seems to wear off. Gus is looking very gorgeous after his make over

    • Thanks, he smells so nice too! Nope they didn’t get bored, I had to start walking as I was the one freezing!

  6. Love the puff pastry mince pies! Quick and easy without the mess – Brilliant idea!

  7. oh Gus looked so handsome and I would have wanted to keep the french bulldog. I love love love the shot of the girls looking at the big piece of ice together. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • Thank you, I REALLY wanted to keep her too wasn’t she cute with her big ears!!

  8. We love walking when everywhere is crisp and frosty and on the plus side my dog doesn’t get half as mucky x

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