Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

I am vlogging my weekends too! Last year I started this weekend in pictures blog posts and I have really enjoyed sharing a little bit of our normal life. I love creating videos for YouTube and after going back through some from a couple of years ago this week, I got the bug for it again! I loved seeing the videos as you get the kids personalities, the little moments that you miss in normal life and I just love it! 

So I’m giving it a go and see what happens! Check out this weeks first one, please bare with me whilst I get use to talking on camera, getting shots and editing the vlogs. But any feedback is 100% welcomed!

Saturday 13th January 

It started off with back to dog agility for Gus and Tyler. They haven’t been before Christmas and I think Gus missed it!! He flew around the course (I vlogged that!!) 

The girls got sucked into a book for a bit…..before freezing and needing to move!! 

Shhhhh…..use Daddies tea to dunk your biscuit in please Lily!!! 

I invested in some new soft box lighting…….I am so pleased I did as this photo was taken at 4pm which without the lights it was dark and I wouldn’t have been able to take pictures. This will be so helpful for me. 

Me and Lily spent the afternoon making Flangipanis, I was so glad to stop and enjoy a cup of tea in my perfect mug! 

Doesn’t Gus look scary!! Yawning dog after agility but snuggled up to his Dad’s feet!! 

Sunday 14th January  

I went swimming today, this was a big step for me after my back operation. However it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! It was so nice to be ‘normal’ and do some more exercise apart from walking. 

So after swimming and a rest we headed out for a walk to Stockbridge Down. We’ve never been before but we will be back, look at those views. 

Sofia was happy playing with my camera today, loving taking photos of us taking photos! 

Lily taking photos!! 

Hubby captured me taking a photo….


My Mum cooked us roast dinner today, it was a welcomed dinner after our 2 hour walk! The kids played with chess sets, cards and Daddy performing magic tricks! 

I’ll be back next week with hopefully another vlog too!! 

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  1. What an amazingly lovely weekend. I really want one of those lights now I’ve seen it in action and your blinds look fab. I love the sound of your marshmallow tasting hot chocolate. Haha I couldn’t stop laughing at the soy spillage. It sounds like dinner time in our house. I also loved the singing when you opened the oven and your dog looking longingly to try some. Your kids are so lovely and you’re such a lovely family! Keep making videos like this, you’ll have such beautiful memories to look back on. 🙂

    • Ahh bless you, thank you so much. It’s never quiet in our house, theres always something going on somewhere!!! The lights are fab, I show them again properly in this weekends vlog too. What they are like with them on and off so you can really see how the work. Thanks for your great feedback on my first vlog

  2. Oh I loved the Vlog you are spot on, it’s lovely to see the children’s personality come out. What a beautiful spot you went to on Sunday & I’m glad the swimming went well! Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • Oh thanks! Yes it makes the pictures come alive then doesn’t it. Its just little things they do, thank you for watching it!

  3. Loving your Chip mug, its super cute. We had a quiet weekend this week as had a swimming gala and birthday parties to attend

  4. Looks lovely, especially those views! And swimming sounds nice, we haven’t been for a while, must get back to it x

    • Yes my son loves doing it and it’s much more hard work than you think it is!!

  5. What a lovely weekend. The lighting looks like a really good investment and well done on the swimming. It seems clogging is something you love so I look forward to seeing more!! You are braver than me!!!xxx

    • Who knows how well I will do with it, but I loved looking back at my past videos. I never would have done it a few years ago!!!

  6. Aww it looks like you had a lovely weekend – going for a walk and coming back to a roast dinner is one of my favourite ways to spend the weekend 🙂

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