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Saturday 24th March

Today we had a special trip to Windsor as The Original Bus Tour had invited us up for the day to explore Windsor. What with Harry and Megan getting married there in May, there is a lot of excitement and buzz going on up there! 

I am going to write up my full blog post on this later on in the week, but we had a great day and I was surprised how much there was to see in Windsor town too. Here are a few little snippets!

Windsor Castle, I would love to visit inside as it looked a great castle to look around. 

Just waiting for The Changing Of The Guards and having a sneaky brunch…..it was an early start!!!

The girls loved watching this, we watched them coming in and then leaving too.

Hop on the bus for our tour around! 

Does anyone know what a human library is?! 

Lunch time, it was pretty tasty food! 

Boat trip and feeding the swans

Afternoon tea, it takes a lot of concentration to get my scone perfect! 

Sunday 25th March 

After our very busy day and the clocks going forward no one felt like doing anything. Tyler wasn’t able to come with us the day before as he was poorly and he was still feeling very poorly today too. So we had a slow day, starting off with Gingerbread ladies!

A little trip to the park to play basketball and some fresh air for everyone. 

You may wonder why a picture of Lily with a plate of baked beans?! Well she hardly ever has them because she’s the only one out of 5 of us that does like them! I sorted out the cupboards and found a little tin for her!!! 

A blog post project being completed today…..love a bit of gold spray paint! 

Thanks for heading over to see what we got up to this weekend, we have an exciting weekend coming up! 

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  1. I have always wanted to visit Windsor Castle, it looks brilliant and we will do it this year

    • He has been quite poorly with it, it was sad he had to miss out too. Wonder when she will next get beans?!

  2. What a fabulous trip. Windsor looks beautiful! I hope that Tyler is feeling much better. I’m on a healthy eating kick so that scone looks especially yummy too. Thank you for linking up to #pointshoot

    • Thank you, he’s slowly getting there but it’s hit him quite bad this one. He hardly ever gets ill. Oh no don’t look at the scone….!!

    • Thank you, I hadn’t ever explored Windsor either. Didn’t realise there was so much there!!

  3. We love going to Windsor but have never been on a busy tour there. We have many happy memories of feeding all those magnificent swans!

    • Yes I’ve never seen so many in one place! They know where the food is!!

  4. I’ve never been to Windsor castle. Would love to visit and go on a bus tour, especially a boat trip too! You guys do think of such fun activities to do 🙂

    • Thanks! You forget when your in the moment how many lovely things we do together don’t you!

  5. Wow! I’ve not been to Windsor in years but there photos really bring the memories back from the trips I used to do when I was at school lol

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