Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 12th May

We all could have easily stayed in bed this morning! Instead we were at the train station picking up Kevs Auntie and his Mum! 

I spent a bit of time in the front garden weeding, so the girls played with their friends in the front.  

Tyler and Kev went to dog agility whilst I was weeding. Check out Gus looking straight at Kev, he loves having his photo taken! BUT look who gets to the end of the tunnel before Tyler!!! You’ve got to be quick with Gus.

I think we spent the whole day eating rubbish. I think Kevs Auntie uses it as her treat. So we had bakery cakes first thing, then Dominos…..

Then ice creams from the ice cream man! and finished off with apple pie and custard! 

Sunday 13th May 

Last year I got some lovely photos of the children in the yellow fields. So it has now become a bit of a running joke when people see one!

Pepperbox Hill Me and Mine April


(last years photo) 

So our friends took us out on a walk to a yellow field that we could easily get into and take some photos. I wasn’t disappointed!  

This walk was lovely and we will be doing this one again for sure! 

Then home for dinner and curl up in bed tired out! 

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  1. Love that you were reunited with family and that you went on a lovely country walk. Yellow is such a happy colour. #PointShoot

  2. I need to find an accessible rapeseed field before it all disappears. We saw our first ladybird this week too

    • Oh have you not? The girls were so happy with their ladybird find, choosing a perfect place to put it back safely

  3. Lovely photos and those yellow fields are just beautiful!! I really want to get into gardening but no clue how and where to start!xx

    • My friend has helped me with the garden, but all of the flowers have tags on them that tell you where to plant them and how much sun they like. Thats really helpful. I like plants that you plant once and don’t have to do anything else with them and then each year they come up.

  4. Oh I remember your yellow field photos and they were stunning! I love the bluebell shot best this week but the one of you all looking sleepy In the car made me laugh too. Thank you for linking up to #pointshoot

    • Oh get in there quick as I am not sure how long they will be flowering for now. These were very tall!!

  5. Such gorgeous photos! It looks like a lovely weekend. I think I need to start tracking our weekends like this – I always forget about the lovely everyday moments we have.

  6. I’ve never taken photos in a field of rape before but definitely will now – what a beautiful background! All your photos are lovely, it’s such a beautiful time of year and the weather has been amazing – long may it last 🙂

    • oh you have to, they are such lovely fields to picture in. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice!!

    • It’s great fun, I use to do it before my back problems. It’s a great way to keep fit as it’s really hard work!!

  7. I love catching up on this particularly since we met…I have to say your photography is looking lovely have you been using any of the tips and tricks from Flea Retreat? x

    • Ah thank you, that’s really lovely, I have been using some tricks! Not being afraid of having things not in focus too, like the Bluebell photo. I also have realised I love taking photos and love the results. So making more effort to take nicer photos. It’s nice to meet bloggers as it makes them real now! I think that when I am on others from the retreats blogs too.

  8. Oh I love the ladybug pictures! My daughter loved looking at them and picking them up the past spring. So lovely to see kids out having fun in nature.

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