Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 16th June 2018

The girls got the full Harry Potter book set for their birthday from my best friend this year,  Sofia has been reading the first one so Lily could then start reading it, before she moves onto the next one. I find it amazing that a story can be picked up by so many age groups for so many years and still loved. 

Not sure what happened to this photo! 

My AMAZING husband has recovered all of our photos from 15 years of us being together from the broken hard drive. We didn’t think we were going to manage it and thought we had lost all of our precious images from the children growing up. But we have saved them!! Wahoo! 150,000 files later we have them on a new hard drive!!! 

Tyler wanted to cook this weekend, this never happens and I was pretty shocked but welcomed his independence. We left him to pick what he wanted and got the ingredients in.  Chill con carne was his choice, 

It was really yummy, he kept asking are we just saying it’s nice to make him happy (can’t trick a 13 yr old like a younger one can you!) BUT no we weren’t, it was really nice. He can cook again!!! 

I made a little treat for the next days picnic….it involved melted chocolate and there was a little left over!! Opps!! 

Sunday 17th June 2018 – Fathers Day 

It’s Fathers Day and the kids a came running in with presents for Daddy and a cup of tea for us both. Thanks Kids! 

Lily had been working on a powerpoint all week for him as well, it was SO cute.

Our special days usually involve around food! So todays breakfast was Kevs choice of waffles, bacon and maple syrup! 

We had arranged a day out with my parents as well, taking a picnic along. But at the last minute we realised we couldn’t take a picnic in where we were going. So change of plan….a stop of in a village along the way, Romsey. 

I still haven’t seen War Horse, I think I need to watch this film, although it sounds a teary one! 

I just quickly snapped this shot of the swan and her babies, the current was taking them so fast down the river! 

Was this a small door or a very tall Sofia?!

Next stop was Longstock Water Gardens, this was open this weekend for the National Garden Scheme. Gardens are opened up which don’t usually so you can visit and the entry money is raised for Charities. 

I loved these flowers but they require boggy conditions so no good for our garden. 

It was beautiful and laid out so nicely, the water lilies are dotted around the lakes but weren’t really flowering which was a shame. 

A perfect opportunity for a family photo! 

Kids and Dads

It’s not often I get pictures of the kids and grandparents, Tyler loves his Grandma lots and as soon as he saw this picture he wanted it. 

I loved the little bridges so the kids could walk from island to island

It was VERY busy in the cafe, 25 minute wait (I don’t think it usually is!) a ice cream was well needed! 

Look I cooked a roast dinner all by myself!! Slow cooked roast lamb for Fathers Days, I didn’t do yorkshire puddings as I thought I best go easy on myself!!! 

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  1. Oh I love that shot of Tyler with his gran. And how sweet that daddy got his own power point. I’d never thought of waffles with bacon and maple syrup it sounds scrumptious. Thank you for linking up to #pointshoot

    • Oh you must have the waffles, it’s so tasty!! He loves that photo with her too x

  2. What a lovely weekend. Looks like everyone had fun and the weather stayed nice for you all. Those biscuits look yummy. My Daughter loves pom poms and she would love them on her shoes like your Daughters 🙂

    • The pom pom shoes are fab! They were in the NEXT sale so not sure if they have them anymore. I think I am going to have to add them to their next pair of shoes once they’ve grown out of these!!!

  3. What an amazing week. Go Tyler cooking! He sounds like such a star and well done to your husband for saving all of your pictures. It looks like you had such a great fathers day together. I am so jealous that your girls are of Harry Potter age. I cannot wait for my daughter to get to read these books. x

    • It’s so lovely of him wasn’t it, it tasted so good as well! They have just got into it and it’s lovely seeing them enjoying it, they are working their way through the films too.

  4. Love that Tyler cooked for all of you! The pics with the kids and the grandparents are definitely something to be treasured we never get enough of those either 😀 x

  5. That Fathers day powerpoint presentation is ACE!! Really well thought out and personal!

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