Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 14th July 2018

Today we have Kevs Auntie and Mum down to visit from Wiltshire. They always have to make a trip to the bakery…..which one to pick!! 

School summer fayre, so a quick trip down there. Tyler ended up getting two of these!! 

Nana met the new arrival!!! I am not sure what she thought of it! 

Poor Kev is broken! We are laying a huge new patio and it’s hard going in this weather too. 

Look cute in Mummys hat Lily! 

The girls made some lanterns today, painted glass jars up and had a battery tea light inside. They took them to bed and had them glowing all night! 

Sunday 15th July 2018

It’s another hot one today, I got bitten by a horse fly on Thursday and I could hardly walk on my leg on Saturday. I have heard horrible things about them getting infected and stuff so I was taking good care of it. Ice packing to get some of the swelling down and keeping it cool in the sun. 

I have lots of planning to do with the garden. To Sun Sail or not to Sun Sail the patio?! 

Poor Gus finds it very hot, but he won’t leave my side! Luckily for him I am happy in the shade too

This play sand table has been used by all 3 kids! The girls have grown out of it now so they were able to clear it out, clean it so I could sell it. It’s such a well made product that it’s going to have so many more years play out of it 

Dobby is the only one who is loving the sunshine! 

More work done today, theres a new little white planter running along the fence now. 

I think that might explain why we have a little hole in the hose now!! 

I really loved this picture, I spotted the spade sitting in the Lavender and I knew I had to picture that! 

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  1. Lovely family, and very nice garden at your house. Your dog is so sweet.

  2. When did you get a lizard?! He’s so cool! I’ve been bitten by horse flies before and it really hurts, hope you are feeling better now.xx

    • He arrived a couple of weeks ago, he’s pretty cool! Oh no poor you, they’re horrible things!

  3. Sounds like a busy and hot weekend. I don’t envy your hubby’s job though! We recently got rid of a sail shade in favour of a more permanent one.

  4. What a lovely and productive weekend you had. I love having a nosey at what people got up to. Hope your leg is feeling better. Kat x

    • The leg is much better now, phew! Thank you, normally were out and about enjoying places but the big garden project is taken over that at the moment!

  5. Loving the new star of the show – the bearded dragon Steph! Lovely shot of it with nana – so sweet!

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