Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

It was a birthday weekend!  I warn you now it’s photo heavy but I couldn’t leave ones out!! 

My twin girls were 9 years old and I cannot believe it. It really does feel like a lifetime ago. 

They were born at 33 weeks on the dot and 3lbs 13oz and 4lbs 8oz and were just perfect. After about 2.5 weeks in hospital we were allowed home and there are little family life of 5 started.

premature twins 33 weeks

So on Friday they had their close friends stay over for a sleepover to start the weekend off with a bang! 

Saturday 5th May 

After all the tired children got themselves up at quite a good time of 7am, we headed off out for the normal Saturday activities. Agility for Tyler and Gus. Who came out with a medal for doing well together. 

Home for a play in the garden, this weather was so nice I didn’t want to be inside. The girls had saved up some money for a basketball net and they had to put it together!

Sofia had a swimming birthday party to go to at 5pm and as it was in Southampton city centre I took the other two for a treat to IKEA!!! Aren’t they lucky!! 

Sunday 6th May

We were invited along for a review trip to Marwell. I will be putting together a full blog post but here is a couple of my favourite photos I took for now. 

Monday 7th May – Girls 9th Birthday 

The morning started off with present opening! The girls have been after a camera for a while now, so they saved up some money, and some family members put some towards them, so we surprised them with their new cameras. They haven’t left their sides. 

Their best friends popped over to give them their presents, they were so excited. They had put lots of effort into picking them lovely things they each would love and my girls loved them all. 

The girls decided to take a friend each to Global Buffet restaurant in Southampton. It is a all you can eat buffet restaurant with food from all over the world. But it also has a huge pudding area……including a chocolate fountain! 

Then my parents popped over to see them and cake time! 

True bloggers child with their new cameras capturing pictures of anything….this time it was a beautiful butterfly 

Then the dog! Look at him sat in between the balloons, don’t worry he gets a treat!  

I got a new chair and Lily made the most of it. See her balloon dogs? They have helium in them so they float, but as they have feet it weighs them down.

I purchased these off Amazon and whilst we were out with their friends I went to the card shop and got them blown up. They all laughed their heads off running around with them! 


I think this is a really lovely photo of my parents and the girls. 

So that’s it, another year over with and another year older. This time next year they will be 10 years old and double figures. 

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  1. Wow, that’s one busy weekend!! Not so sure if going to IKEA is actually a treat lol, although in Sweden it does seem to be where most people like to spend there weekends…
    Big Happy Birthday to your twins! Looks like the had a really lovely birthday! xx

    • Having IKEA meatballs is a treat for them!! Lol! Thank you very much, they had a lovely birthday and another year older, scary!

  2. What lovely family photos! Bet that 9 years have flown by! I have always wondered what it would be like to be a twin and share my birthday with a sibling!

    • It’s pretty fun! Hetic for me as they are bouncing off each other with excitement!!!

  3. Happy birthday to the twins! My middle daughter will turn 9 in July and it scares me every year how fast they’re growing up!

  4. That is a fabulous photo of the parents with your beautiful girls. Congratulations
    I loved your post this week, you always pack your weekends so full of fun and the trip to Marwell looked fab, that otter was so cute (otters are Alex’ favourites) Thank you for linking up to #pointshoot

    • Thank you very much, this weekend was pretty jam packed wasn’t it!! The otters were so cute, they were chatting away at each other constantly!

  5. Such gorgeous photos! It looks like your girls had an absolutely wonderful birthday! It goes so quickly doesn’t it?

  6. My twins were born almost 4 years ago and I too feel like it was such a long time ago! So beautiful to see all the fun your girls had. My daughter is already planning her 4th birthday so will interesting what she comes up with.

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