Saturday was a surprise day for the kids, we sent them to bed early on Friday night with a promise that it would be worth it! 6am wake up was a shock to the system for them but it soon was forgotten when I told them we were off to ‘Chessington World of Adventures’ for the day! The Penguins of Madagascar had arrived for operation cheezy dibbles! They had never been before so it was a big adventure and they were super excited, it was lovely to see their excitement. Really rubbish photo but you can see how excited they were!!!


It was really easy to find and well sign posted, we had to make our way to the Chessington World of Adventures Azteca Hotel first for the introduction and brunch. I have never been to a children’s resort hotel before so had no idea how child friendly it would be. As soon as you pulled up in the car park it looked exciting and we all couldn’t wait to get inside!


The rooms are full of colour with a Aztec temple ruins theme running throughout the whole hotel, there are monkeys hanging around, giraffes appearing through the ceilings and animal sounds playing. It pulls the children into the mood of the hotel and draws you in to find out more! Even the toilets had sound effects, we found this out when the children turned on the children’s sink taps and it started playing different animal sounds!The kids thought this was fab and couldn’t wait to wash their hands again next time.

We made our way through to the Azteca hotel restaurant, past the swimming pool and through the themed corridors, the kids excitement was all ready building and L turned to me and said ‘Thank you Mummy for bringing us here, its amazing!’, my heart melted.

The restaurant is fantastic, it is all child friendly, with huge fish tanks, weeing monkeys(!) and even an ant trail going all around the walls, the children could watch the ants carrying their leafs from a plant all the way to the nest. My children have never stayed in a hotel so they have never had a hotel style buffet breakfast. Their little eyes nearly popped out when I said they can have anything they want, from cooked breakfast, waffles, pancakes, pastries, smoothies, yoghurt and fruit. They loved the independence of being able to go up and choose their own food and have more than one choice.

There was a great choice of things for them to eat and drink, so no child would go hungry, no matter how fussy they are. Chessington have done a great job here.


Whilst we were having our brunch the Penguins of Madagascar came around to meet the children, they gave them a massive hug and I even had one of them photo bombing my photos!



We made our way to watch the new โ€œPenguins of Madagascar Live: Operation Cheezy Dibblesโ€ show, this is an outside show but we were lucky it was dry, but cold! There is a funky penguin dance to learn and get the children to join in with, lots of catchy music and fun. My children really enjoyed it.



Once the show was over the were keen to go off and explore the resort, I imagined Chessington World of Adventures was full of large scary rides but it wasn’t. There was a great mix of larger rides but also smaller ones for the younger children. There are lovely animal enclosures with all sorts of animals to see, we loved that you could get so close to them. Some enclosures just had a piece of glass in between us and a Tiger!


The new Penguin enclosure is small but perfectly formed. It has lovely cute penguins which everyone loves. We went to watch the penguin talk and feeding session which happens throughout the day, you can have a walk through the front of the enclosure to get closer to the penguins and watch them swimming past you. There is a large seating area for you to sit and watch the feeding talk, however I do suggest to Chessington that they put some sort of roof or large sail above this seating around as we did have to put our hoods up on our coats! The seagulls were very interested in fish feeding and were flying above us the whole time. There was a very large bird poo splat that landed in front of my daughter…..that was close!!!


Another lovely area of Chessington World of Adventures is the monkey walk-through, this is a large wooden climbing frame, rope walks and slides. The children can walk, run and play with the monkeys below them. The kids loved this area and the monkeys were so cute running around below them.


We also went on a Zufari! This is a ride into Africa, step into Africa with music playing and wooden trails to follow. You get into a jeep which takes you through into a large open area where the animals are roaming around, the jeep takes you through different enclosures with different animals including, Giraffes, Zebras and rhinos.ย  There is a little surprise at the end which keeps the children on their toes… involves water!



Within the park there is all sorts of things to do, you are always coming across things that you haven’t done yet, its great being able to watch the children exploring and getting excited when they see something they want to do. You can get up close to the animals in the childrens zoo, with farm animals and pets.


Go through creepy caves, poke your head in with the Meerkats and spot the baby gorillas.


There is even a small SEALIFE centre to explore, with hands on talks and tunnels to walk through.


We didn’t go on any of the large rides, as we had the children with us but the children loved going on the childrens rides. We all loved the bumper cars!! There is a ride like the London Eye there as well which takes you up high above the park, this was a good opportunity to spot anything we hadn’t been on yet.


I think it is great when there are lots of things dotted around the park for them to come across, they love being able to be free and having fun with the things they find.


We were given goodie bag full of lovely things, inside was a DVD to watch, the children watched this the next day and loved it! Penguins of Madagascar is available to own on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD from Twentieth Century Fox from 30th March. So we got a little sneak preview!!


We loved our visit to Chessington World of Adventures and the Azteca hotel, it is a fantastic family day out and I think every child should go!


*We were invited to the launch of the Penguins of Madagascar at Chessington World of Adventures for the purpose of this post, however all opinions are honest and of my own.


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  2. What a fabulous day out for you & your children! The being free to have fun outside looks lovely. I came over to your blog from Country Kids from Coombe Mill.

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