Long term readers will know I suffered a very bad disc prolapse in my back in October 2017, with a large operation on my spine to correct it. I was left with numbness and pain still and have been trying to get back to normal health since. It has been a very frustrating recovery for me as I am strong enough to function with my normal life but doing so I am in pain with everything I do, I’ve had physio for a year which hurt like hell! But life goes on and my kids still need me, the dog still needs walking and the house still needs to be looked after. We’ve all had to adjust to the changes and I’ve had to hold my hands up (which I don’t do well at!) and ask for help and slow down. 

The official name for the problem I have is Cauda equina syndrome (CES) and is a condition that occurs when the bundle of nerves below the end of the spinal cord known as the cauda equina is damaged. These nerves are the ones that control your bladder, bowels, pelvic floor area, legs, feet and lower back. It is very rare, and even though I got it, I had it mild compared to some people who are left too late. 

So when I spotted that Perifit were looking for people to review their pelvic floor exerciser I knew this would something I could benefit from with my recovery. 

What Is Perifit? 

Perifit is a pelvic floor exerciser which is can help you improve your pelvic floor to make it become stronger, which helps with bladder control, supporting pelvic organs and sexual health. All this can be done in a fun way by playing games and tracking your progress! 

Why Do We Need A Perifit? 

Us Mums carry a lot of weight in our tummies when pregnant, and this puts a strain on your pelvic floor. Your midwife will tell you to keep up with your pelvic floor exercises, but I don’t think we ever take them very seriously! But we should do, I would prefer to do my exercises than leak urine later on down the line. Although I can’t really go on a trampoline now though!! Not only does it help with the control, but it also helps to strengthen the muscles to support our pelvic organs which need to be held up inside our body, and hopefully stop us from prolapsing. 

For me, I need one because of my issues with my nerves after my disc prolapse.  When my disc had prolapsed it pressed on the cauda equine nerves stopping the blood flow to these nerves. The longer these nerves are shut off for the less and less chance they have of coming back and working again. 18 months down the line I still have numbness in my left leg, my foot still doesn’t lift properly and I don’t have full sensation back in my pelvic area. I struggle to strengthen my core due to the pain, so I wanted to see if the Perifit would help me to gain more strength and help support my pelvic area. 

Is The Perifit Easy To Use?

When you first open the box it does look like a brightly coloured sex toy! However, there is no way of getting around this as it is going in the same place as a sex toy! Made from a medical grade silicone is very comfy to insert and use. The instructions are very simple to follow and you can get using it within 5 minutes of installing the app. Make sure you turn it on and connect up to the app before inserting it, the button is on the bottom of the Perifit so a bit tricky to get to once it’s inserted! 

Using The Perifit App

Perifit have created a fun and simple to use app to make using your pelvic floor exerciser more fun than just squeezing and releasing over and over again! Once the app has installed on your phone you can use your Perifit. They have come up with some questions for you to go through to determine what type of exercises and plan you should follow. 

Once you have done this you’re ready to go and start playing your games! 

Playing The Games!

This honestly makes this so much more fun and enjoyable! The first stage game has a butterfly that needs to fly to collect the gems,  but you have to control the butterfly. By squeezing your pelvic muscles you make it fly higher and then releasing to make it drop. 

I found it interesting that the app really makes you have control over your muscles much more than if you were doing it by yourself. I just normally squeeze and release, but this game makes you hold it for a certain time, then give you rest then use it quickly, then slowly, increasing and decreasing the control over them. 

As you go through the levels and days of using it, you gain more and more themes and games. Which is good as it makes it more interesting and changes up throughout. I was pretty proud of myself when I unlocked a new section of the games! 

and at the end of each game, it will give you a percentage rating of how you got on and how you are doing overall. 

The different games worked on different ways to help you gain more control. This game below got you to bring the clouds together by squeezing to block the rocks getting through and then part them by relaxing to allow the gems to get through! I struggled with this one as you really needed to think about this and respond quickly! 

Results From The Perifit

The app then overall collects the data and shows you your results. I think I need to work on some areas a lot! But it also shows my strength from my deep pelvic floor is 0%! Which really does match up with my damage from my disc prolapse and hopefully the Perifit will help me out with this long term. 

What Do I Think Of The Perifit?

I think something like this can be a bit scary for women, embarrassing and something we would never think about talking together about. But why should we? We need to look after our bodies, we would strengthen our legs, arms and tummies but why not our pelvic floors. If it isn’t strong enough we get urine leaks and prolapses, so it really is worth looking after your pelvic floor.  

You don’t even have to charge the battery! It comes with a fully charged battery that will last for 10 years, of regular training and comes with a 5-year guarantee, so they will replace it if it runs out within 5 years.

You can purchase directly from Perifit for £153 and free delivery or Amazon for £169 which I think is a really reasonable price considering the price of other pelvic floor trainers and this uses a fun app as well. 

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  1. Natalie Gillham Reply

    I so need one of these in my life, thanks for the chance to win x

  2. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    I think its a great device, I have just turned 30 and have 3 children, it is embarrassing to leak at my age, and I dont really talk about it, my mum always makes a joke as where ever we go I pee at least twice an hour, and I dont get much warning, I go from not needing a pee to running to the toilet before I pee myself xx

  3. Deborah Clarke Reply

    After having 5 babies naturally at 9lb + this is just what I need . Great giveaway.

  4. I bet the games on the app makes it all feel like much more fun! 3 kids on I wouldn’t mind some help with strengthening my muscles

  5. Carly Belsey Reply

    I would love to try this as I am a bit slack at the pelvic floor exercises so this would make it more interesting to keep going with it!

  6. Rennene Hartland Reply

    Such an amazing giveaway, thank you for the chance to win this fab product.

  7. I would love this. It would make a massive difference. I have nerve damage all over my body due to a recent diagnosis of ms, I’m 39 have 2 kids would love another, but due to my pelvic floor I’m worried. I hear wonderful things. I’m on treatment to slow the progression down, so it’s caught early enough, I could save it with this getting so much worse! So hope for good luck xx

  8. Kim Styles Reply

    yes a very strange shape but looks very innovative and something much needed

  9. Melissa Lee Reply

    I’ve heard lots of good things about this product

  10. Herbert Appleby Reply

    Wondering what possibly could this be used for as a multi tool type thing mmmmm 🙂

  11. I think every mother should own one of these. A very information article too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  12. Hazel Christopher Reply

    This sounds like such a good idea, what a wonderful and unique product!

  13. joanne casey Reply

    Like any other mum, this looks like something that would really help!

  14. This is such a good idea, Incan never tell if I’m doing the exercises right so it would be great to have something like this that tells you.

  15. Jay Caddick Reply

    I’ve briefly looked at Perefit before. My pelvic floor has suffered after two children and still feels weak when I sneeze. I and I’m sure many of us find it an embarrassing thing to talk to anyone about, so an in-depth review like this not only gives great guidance and explanation of how it works but also helps bring the subject to the public forum, diminishes feelings of embarrassment, so thank you !

  16. Laura Winkless Reply

    What a fantastic concept! I’d love to win this after having 2 9lb baby girls!

  17. Since having my son my muscles to hold in wee are rubbish. This would hopefully help with that!

  18. I could do with one of them I always forget about doing pelvic floor exercise

  19. ellie spider Reply

    this sound s great I didnt even know you could get a trainer!

  20. sandy lynn ralph Reply

    this is a brilliant idea and something i would love to try for myself after 5 children

    • Catherine Gregory Reply

      Thank you! Much needed as a Mummy to a 19 month old

  21. Kim Neville Reply

    Just what I need to strengthen my pelvic muscles after having children

  22. Sheila Reeves Reply

    Such a great way to do your pelvic floor exercises – the game sounds great!!

  23. Elizabeth Smith Reply

    heard about the French new mums using these and it sounds a jolly good idea. Should really have been a game on the wii 😉

  24. Sarah Goldingay Reply

    After having a baby (currently 8 months old) this is exactly what I need to start building my confidence again!

  25. paula cheadle Reply

    I could do with this after having the kids this could help me

  26. This sounds like it’s fab! After 2 Kids I could deffo do with this!!

  27. This would be brillant I’m rubbish at trying to do pelvic exercise never do them right

  28. Chloe Bailey Reply

    This would be fantastic as being on my third child things aren’t quite as they should be lol. Thankyou! X

  29. Ruth Harwood Reply

    Sounds amazing, and definitely something I’d be interested in! xx

  30. Nadine Holland Reply

    Trampoline, running, star-jumps are all a “go easy girl” for me and my pelvic floor, so would love to see if this helped.

  31. Claire woods Reply

    Using the games sounds like it makes it more interesting.

  32. Fiona jk42 Reply

    this sounds like a great way to exercise those pelvic floor muscles

  33. I love the look of this device and all it promises to help improve, hope it continues to work well for you.

  34. Natalie Burgess Reply

    Ive had my second baby two months ago so id love to win this! Xx

  35. Christina Curtis Reply

    Great review. I am expecting my first baby and have a feeling this would really come in handy in the future!

  36. Alana Walker Reply

    Would absolutely love this as I am currently undergoing physio due to birth trauma.x

  37. Definitely need one of these, due my second baby in July and pelvic floor 100% needs some work

  38. I need one of these in my life! My pelvic floor is completely shot through after two babies.

    • Holly King Reply

      I would love this I’m really suffering after baby number 2 x

  39. This is a great idea! It’s true we send so much time working out on arms, legs etc but the pelvic floor needs tlc too, I hope it continues to help you.

  40. Erica Navarro Reply

    This looks amazing. What a great idea to combine this kind of exercise with fun apps and games! 😀
    Due to have my second baby in July so winning this would be a godsend! Haha. x

  41. fiona waterworth Reply

    my daughters just had their 3 child so really needs something like this

  42. Cherry Lloyd Reply

    I would love to try one of these and see what a difference it might make.

  43. Oh my friend has one of these and swears by it! After five kids Ive been lucky my pelvic floor is pretty good but there is always room for improvement!

  44. Being of a certain age and having been lazy about these exercises I know I’d get a lot out of this. Good luck all.

  45. You are so right, even though my midwife told me about doing pelvic floor exercises, it’s something that always gets put to the bottom of the to do list. I think the fact this is linked to a game makes it a fun idea and would encourage me to have a go.

  46. Ellen Stafford Reply

    Sounds great. I deffo need to work on my pelvic floor and I haven’t even ever had a kid.

  47. I love the fact that they have created games to encourage you to do your pelvic floor exercises – that is genius!

  48. Eva Lorraine Appleby Reply

    I really need to win the pelvic floor trainer so bad.

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