I wanted to try to find a few dresses this summer to wear, embrace my girly side and get out of my jeans and dog walking trousers for once! Being 33 and having quite a few body hang ups I have been really struggling on finding a dress that I was comfortable in. Everything seems to fit a straight up and down kind of girl, too tight on the boobs or too tight around the hips or I just looked like a sack of potatoes! 

So What Makes The Perfect Summer Dress For Me? 

Good Coverage On The Chest 

When you’re a Mum or lead an active lifestyle you don’t want to worry about your chest! You want to make sure everything is tucked in nicely and nothing is going to fall out whilst your bending over picking the kids up off the floor. If your breastfeeding your probably want to be wearing a good supportive bra so you don’t want to be exposing that as well. So good coverage on the chest is one less thing to worry about. 

Good Length 

Similar to above, when you bending over, putting kids in the car you don’t want to cause an accident when you flash your knickers! Although I love that you can now buy shorts as underwear to over come this problem a bit. So the length of dress is important to me. I would be looking at mid-thigh to just above the knee-length. 

Go Maxi 

If legs are your body hang up then pick a maxi dress. There are some lovely ones to choose from that are brightly coloured and would look amazing on. 

Cover Your Arms

Picking a dress that covers your upper arms is a great way to cover areas that you don’t like. By adding frills or width to your shoulders you also make them look bigger, which in turn then makes your waist look thinner. 

Pinch In At The Waist 

I love a dress from Simply Be that pinches in at the waist. It then flows over my tummy area and hips. This then usually sits nicely on me and makes a much nicer fit. By adding a bow to this area you then draw the eye to this area, but is also a great cover up of your tummy. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour

I get so self-conscious of colour, but it’s a great way of showing off your personality through your clothes. I love the look of this brightly coloured yellow dress. Yes people may look at you but they will be looking at your beautiful dress and how lovely you’re wearing some colour. 

So now with all those things surely I could find the perfect summer dress this year? 

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  1. I wish I could wear maxi dresses but I really struggle as I am only 4ft11 so everything is always miles too long. I do like dresses that come in at the waist though and yes to colour

    Laura x

  2. Some gorgeous dresses! I’m tryimg to come out of my comfort zone. And wear a bit more colour 🙂

    • It’s so nice to be able to wear a dress in the hot weather, much nicer and cooler

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