If you regularly invite guests over, then one of the most worrying times during their stay is probably when they use your bathroom. Unless you’re blessed with multiple bathrooms and guest toilets that you keep well-maintained on a regular basis, you probably forget to maintain it and give it a good clean before they arrive, which can lead to them silently judging how your bathroom is designed and the smells that come from it.

If you don’t have extra bathrooms or space to create a separate toilet, then you’ll need to follow these tips in order to design a bathroom that won’t have your guests running for the hills.

Preparing a Bathroom That Won’t Scare Your Guests Away

Declutter and start fresh

The first thing to do is clear out all the clutter. All of your makeup products, soaps and shower gel need to be kept clear of the bathroom countertops and hidden away in cupboards or in your own bedroom. The more clutter you have in your bathroom, the less inviting it’s going to look. Give it a good clean and ensure all the surfaces are kept as empty as possible. Keep things such as spare towels and fresh hand soaps available, but remove anything personal such as your toothbrush and medication.

Add decorations where appropriate

Don’t go crazy with the decor. Don’t hang loads of family pictures and don’t smother your bathroom with plants. A simple potted plant is a great and simple decoration that is still stylish, and one or two paintings is fine as long as they aren’t too distracting. Green plants are great contrasts if you have neutral colours in the bathroom and even candles make small little decorations that can give your bathroom a spa-like feeling to lift the mood of your guests. Add some subtle scents and you’ll easily make your home feel ten times more welcoming.

Shiny is good

Whether it’s through cleaning or polishing, shining surfaces are usually a good indication of a clean and inviting bathroom. You can do this a number of different ways. For instance, if your bath taps are rather grimy, then you can use a homemade cleaning solution of baking soda and vinegar to clean them and give them a good polish, or you can get basin taps at Tap Warehouse or a similar company and replace them altogether. Anything that your guests will touch, be it your taps, towels or even the toilet seat, should be spotless and luxurious.

Wash everything more than once

Be it the shower curtains, bathrooms tiles or the bathtub itself, make sure you’ve washed everything several times to ensure it shines and that you aren’t leaving any markings behind. If your guests see smudges or dirt and grime anywhere in your bathroom, then they’re going to be put off using your bathroom because they’ll be too focused on wondering what those marks and dirt stains are. Don’t take that risk—just clean everything several times to ensure your bathroom is sparkling and inviting.

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Preparing a Bathroom That Won't Scare Your Guests Away. Here are some tips on how you can get that batroom looking lovely for your guests and clean for you


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