Project 365 – Week 26 in our 2015 in photos.

Day 171 – Father’s Day, we took a trip to Moors-Valley Countrypark


Day 172 – I love seeing them sleeping, so peaceful looking


Day 173 – Berkley the Hearing Dog puppy had some fun with his Hearing dog friend Chips


Day 174 – Time to cover those greys!


Day 175 – It was such a beautiful day, was even better at the top of the cliffs at the beach.


Day 176 – Doing a rubbish job at painting my nails ready for the festival tomorrow!


Day 177 – Took the kids to Portsmouth Summer Show, it was their first music festival, they did amazing, 11am-11pm and loved the live music and bopping up and down on our shoulders!


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  1. Looks like a good week. And your puppy is so cute! Are you puppy walking for the Hearing Dogs? Sounds really interesting, I’m going to have to dig through your archives to find out more!

    • Yes this is Berkley my 2nd puppy for the Hearing Dogs, they stay with me for 12-14 months and I socialise them. Such a rewarding thing, keeps me company and gets me out and about. Hope you found the info you want on my blog if not check out the Hearing Dogs website. Thank you

  2. i love that red nail varnish colour very striking, i painted my toe nails with a smilar shade, although they now need doing again
    your dog is so cute – the way his tongue hangs out so far.
    wow! you all did well to stay at the festival for so long – lovely weather for it too x

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