Project 365 – Week 35 in our 2015 in photos.

Day 243 – When did I grow up and become so sensible, sitting in bed reading my RHS magazine!

day 243

Day 244 – Working from home has it’s bonuses!


Day 245 – All back to school today, my son started secondary school which was a little scary for us both!


Day 246 – My kids love the new fruit I got in the shop, Greengages.


Day 247 – We had some friends over to play Cards Against Humanity game, how risky is this game?!


Day 248 – Kitchen planning in IKEA today, how stressful can that be?!


Day 249 – Had my niece from Devon visit for the day so had a nice walk out together


Day 250 – Popped into the girls school today to meet the teacher, got a chance to see some of their work too. This is RE work


Day 251 – Berkley the Hearing Dog is happy to have another little friend over for some more cuddles and fuss!


Day 252 – Sometimes you just need chocolate, tonight was one of those!


Day 253 – Had a lovely sunny walk along Titchfield Canal, it was needed.


Day 254 – Poor Sofia fell off her scooter yesterday and hurt her hand, I wasn’t happy about how swollen it was and lack of movement so off we went to A&E. However as usual once we saw the doctor she was a lot better and moved it for him.


Day 255 – A day with Great Aunt and Nana


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  1. i hope your son enjoyed his first week at big school,. Ikea kitchen planning?????? not for me thank you, guarenteed to cause a divorce….lol. I hope your daughters hand is better now

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