Project 365 – Week 12 in our 2015 in photos.

Day 74 – Happy Mothers Day


Day 75 – Thanks to my #surprisespringproject partner for mine and Berkleys gifts


Day 76 – I have been trying to drink this stinky stuff before bed instead of my normal de-caf tea, it’s hard going!


Day 77 – Spring is coming, finally one of my daffodils have bloomed in the garden.

day -77

Day 78 – Berkley is tired out after a 6.5 mile walk!


Day 79 – My beautiful girles are off to their school disco


Day 80 – I love being able to just stop with the kids and have a cuddle on the sofa, L always loves giving out cuddles, I hope it never stops.


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  1. if you are finding the camomile hard work by itself, try the camomile and honey. the sweetness of the honey really gives it something extra.

  2. I know what you mean about Camomile tea. I was never a fan of it either…but I won some Cozy Tea about 2 years ago and their camomile is lovely. You sip it and you can feel your body relaxing. I heartily recommend it —- but — it can only be bought online as its not available online (Amazon or via caters sites)
    If you ever come across a cafe that serves it give it try. πŸ™‚

    • Oh I have to have a look out for that one then, I seam to get a really bad belly ache after drinking it so doesn’t really make it very calming!

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