Project 365 – Week 13 in our 2015 in photos.

Day 81 – A good chance to get out in the beautiful sunshine, I am so looking forward to this summer


Day 82 – Berkley passed two Kennel Club awards today, I am super proud of him, such a clever puppy!


Day 83 – T has been going to scouts since the start of the year but now he has signed up properly now, so here he is doing his promise with his best friend.


Day 84 – L had her school assembly this morning, she is very cute and it makes you very proud when they have the confidence to stand up in front of everyone. They love coming over to give you a hug at the end!


Day 85 – Berkley was loving the leafs on his walk today, they were really thick, we had a lovely walk. It really is warming up on our walks, so nice not to wrap up in so much clothes.


Day 86 – L had her dance show today, she loves dance and was so so cute!!! They had painted their faces, did their hair and dressed them up.


Day 87 – We had a grown ups evening tonight, 1960’s murder mystery night. We had to dress up in our characters, it was good fun!


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