We all know that every room in the house has its own purpose. We have rooms for relaxing in, a space for cooking and eating, and then of course, somewhere to sleep too. But sometimes, we need a few more rooms than this to ensure that our lives are complete. And when you have kids, it can also make your days a little easier too. It’s only natural for us to make a space for a new baby in the form of a nursery, but why stop there? Yes, your older children technically have their bedrooms, but it’s not always a nice idea to confine them all of the time. So instead, you might want to pull together a playroom that’s perfect for both boys and girls.

Go With Neutrals

When you are trying to create a space that will work for both boys and girls, you may want to steer clear of either blue or pink. But you may not want to go for the classic green or yellow either. So, it may be beneficial to work with a neutral room design here. Gorgeous greys and soft beige are often a good idea for rooms that you want to keep gender neutral, and they will often work with the rest of the decor in your house too.

Pick Practical Flooring

Next, you need to make sure that the flooring choices you’re working with are suitable for the space. When you have children concerned, regardless of their age, you’re going to want to make sure that they’re practical. For this, something like the Factory Direct Flooring laminate floor choices will work well. You need to be able to ensure you have something easy to maintain, as well as wipeable, so that the playroom can keep as clean as possible.

Include Their Favourite Things

Then, onto the elements of the playroom. First, you may want to go with your children’s individual preferences. Whether they have a favourite character from TV or a book or toy serious, or whether they like a particular activity, you should incorporate this into the space. After all, you want the playroom to be a room they enjoy hanging out in.

Keep Furniture Minimal

When it comes to the furniture, you could be tempted to pack a lot of different pieces in, just because that’s what we do when dressing a room. But in a playroom, you should always aim to cut back where you can. You want to ensure that your little ones have enough room for their activities, and won’t feel too packed in by unnecessary furniture.

Focus On The Storage

But what will be necessary, is storage. As a parent, you’ll be more than aware of how much stuff your kids can accumulate. So, you should aim to pack in enough smart storage as you can – without making the room feel too cluttered. These organization ideas for your child’s playroom may come in handy at this stage. Above all else, you want to ensure that your storage choices pull the room together and keep everything tidy.

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Pulling together a perfect playroom. Playrooms are a perfect place for kids to be kids, to have a room full of items that are theirs and they can do just what they want. Kids playrooms




    • It is so much easier to do it in the first place when your planning it all isn’t it.

  1. You’re so right, we have a playroom of sorts but it’s just a dumping ground for all their stuff. We really do need to sort it out and make it a nice space for them

  2. I need to get some more shelving in the playroom as have run out of space for all the toys

    • Oh I am glad I am not the only one, I always want to keep toys that they have grown out of!

  3. This looks great. A perfect playroom. Storage creates are a lovely idea for all their toys, they look lovely.

  4. Such lovely ideas and so true about storage when it comes to kids you can never have too much but they also need enough room to play and explore

  5. Absolutely agree about focusing on the storage, but these little people seem to create a lot of mess and have endless toys!

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