A couple of summers ago, me and my friend were trying to find a perfect paddling spot near us, we didn’t have much luck. But this year I have found a couple of places which would be perfect and we WILL be back to them next summer! 

A couple of weeks ago we found another perfect one, Puttles Bridge in the New Forest. Currently a bit chilly to go paddling though and put it to the test! 

Puttles Bridge is very easy to find, just down the road from Blackwater Arboretum and Brock Hill where we have visited before. 

Puttles Bridge has two coloured routes that are marked all the way around. A 1-mile route which takes you along the river edges, over the bridge and through the marsh back to the car park. This is perfect for little legs! 

Even the 1.5-mile route is good too, taking the same route apart from an extra curve through the woods and then back onto the same route. 

The river isn’t too deep, at the time we visited we had a heavy rain full a couple of days before, so there was quite a lot of water flowing through.

As the route is situated next to the marsh area I think this area would still get wet enough to go paddling in the summer. I had a quick look on Instagram back in the summer and people were still paddling then. 

Puttles Bridge had a couple of large bridges over the river. One near the car park and another on the halfway route, this is where you cross over if you want to take the shorter route. 

The kids enjoyed exploring through the woods at this time of the year, the leaves are so golden and pretty. 

As the longer route takes you out across the fields and marsh your probably come across some New Forest ponies, they happily posed for their pictures! 

We came across another car park, this one was much larger and had the toilets, might be better starting your walk from here. 

But that was our walk, we followed the path parallel with the road and back to the car park. 

We will happily come back to Puttles Bridge for another walk around, it would be a good place to visit for a summer paddle, picnic and still have all the conveniences on hand too. 

Google Maps to Puttles Bridge, which is the smaller car park. Slightly further on is the large car park with the toilets. 

Situated on Rhinefield Rd, Brockenhurst SO42 7QB 



  1. This year summer and autumn I did not do as many woodlands walks as I would have liked, adding this place to my ever-growing list of places to explore.

  2. Wow, it looks absolutely gorgeous there! I love woodland walks. Those bridges look perfect for playing Pooh Sticks!

  3. you take such a spectacular photographs , what a fantastic place to spend a weekend just exploring and taking in all the surroundings x

  4. Wow what an incredibly stunning place to explore! I’m going to see how far it is from us and combine with a mini break

  5. What a gorgeous spot – so scenic! I bet you can’t wait to get back there with the weather is warmer next year for a spot of paddling.

    • Thank you. Get it added to your list to places to visit, such a beautiful place in the country

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