As a Mum of 3 kids when it comes to labeling up their clothes it can take quite a while. Or that dreaded moment when your just about to rush out the house and they need a sun hat but it’s not labelled up! You keep your fingers crossed that it comes back with them at the end of the school day when you pick them up! 

So when Attach A Tag got in contacted and wanted me to try out their button name labels on my childrens school clothes, I was intrigued to see how I got on with them as I hadn’t tried anything like this before. 

Attach A Tag buttons labels are suitable for all types of clothing, shoes and bags. They also offer sets that are suitable for care home products for older people. I never would have thought about needing to label up those type of products but you wouldn’t want to keep loosing everything there either would you. 

The delivery was quick and well packaged in a box. The little buttons were well made and felt quite strong too. 

The little buttons labels come in two parts. A front section with the name on and a retainer (backing) to securely fit the button on. The names can either be printed on a white button with grey writing or black button with white writing. I went for the white and grey. 

The starter pack comes with a small instruction and information leaflet, however it isn’t difficult to attach these. By adding the two button sections into the dolphin applicator you are ready to go!

Pinch the applicator together with the label or fabric in between the mouth of it, twist the turner on the top clockwise and then your feel it push through the fabric. 

Then your all done! 

I was very impressed with the Attach A Tag application. It was really quick to do and I will have it placed somewhere quick and easy to grab so I can keep on top of the name labeling! 

I placed the button on the label at the bottom of the dress as I don’t think my kids would like them on their neck labels! 

The price is very good, a starter set with 10 button labels is around £12.30, 30 buttons £19.79 and 50 £23.83. Then you can just order extra button labels when you need them, from £7.30. 

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  1. kayleigh Robinson Reply

    I’d choose white. This is such a good idea! I’ve lost count of how many school jumpers and cardigans my kids have lost at school

  2. Kristin Burdsall Reply

    Id go for white to put on school uniforms. They look fantastic!

  3. Lorna Ledger Reply

    I think we would chose the white, I would give this to my Sister for my Niece and Nephew, great idea!

  4. Chris Andrews Reply

    Would you choose Black or White Tags?
    . . . .white as they seem more discrete

  5. I like the look of these, it looks much easier than writing in names. I guess the white looks best.

  6. This is ingenious! I haven’t seen anything like it and it beats iron on labels that take an age. I agree on the bottom labels probably work best. Great giveaway too x

  7. These look great. A lot better than writing your name on as that eventually come out in the wash 🙂

  8. Ruth Harwood Reply

    I’d choose black as I quite like that they’re not the usual colour of tags x

  9. Sandra Fortune Reply

    I’d choose white tags . Great idea thanks for the chance to win

  10. These look very handy for school clothes. Iron on labels always seem to fall off and it’s quite fiddly sewing labels on. I’m sure my daughter would love these for my 3 grandsons school uniforms.

  11. Oh I need this in my life! With four children labelling clothes is a pain, especially when they go back to school!

  12. I love the idea of these for clothes. Labelling clothes with iron-ons can be tricky and I have found some come off but these are definitely going to stay put!

  13. What a genius product! Naming things is what I feel like I spent most my time doing, so I’m certainly going to look into buying one of these 🙂

  14. Oh these look fab! I love the idea of a button label rather than a sticker one, etc. as I think it would definitely be more secure. My eldest boy is beginning primary school in August and we have to label EVERYTHING with his name. Will be checking this out for sure 🙂

    • Yes there is so much to label isn’t there, they lose stuff so easily, even when it’s put directly in front of the them!!

  15. These are just brilliant. I remember the old permanent markers bleeding when washed – laundry markers weren’t much better. My kids start kindy soon so this would be an ideal solution.

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