2016 has been a funny old year for us as a family, with so many up’s and downs. It has been tinged with my health and some funny old stuff going on with my joints. Taking tablets that made me feel so down, and sick but hoping they would take the pain away. Keep your fingers crossed that 2017 gives us some proper answers and I can get the right help I need.

But I am not going to focus on the bad, there has been so many fun times, so many days out, places we’ve explored and changes in the house. My blog has given us lots of fun times, and we have created so many great memories together, I am excited to find out what 2017 bring us!

So here’s what we got up to in 2016


First job of 2016 was to get our Lounge finished. With a new sofa, paint and clear out, we were ready for a fresh start and some more renovations. This was just a small part of our downstairs renovations, with the kitchen and dining area being sorted out too! Although I have to admit, writing this nearly 12 months on, there are still things that should have been done in these rooms that haven’t yet!

We ordered our new kitchen, I was so excited to get this ordered! We had such a rubbish kitchen with no storage or space, so it needed a good plan and some vision!

It was a wet month, with a lot of rain! We went where the water was and visited Titchfield canal where it had over flowed, but gave the kids a perfect opportunity to splash! I got some very funny looks for letting them do this, but look at their faces….they were happy!


My Mum was over the moon with this visit, I was invited along to Debenhams to treat my Mum for Mothers Day. So she had a makeover at her favorite make up counter, purchased some goodies, had lunch and came away with a nice new handbag to. She isn’t use to being spoilt, but she still talks about this visit!

I have always wanted to visit Durdle Door in Dorset, so one day we set off to visit! It was a chilly, but beautiful day and we had a lovely time. We said we would visit again, but next time spend more time there, having a walk around and a picnic on the beach.


One of the biggest high of my blogging adventure, was when we were given the prize of being Legoland ambassadors! We were going to have 5 visits to Legoland throughout the year, and I cannot tell you how excited the children were when we found out! What a fantastic opportunity, and we have had so many amazing days out there this year, and created so many amazing memories.

This was our first visit, and we were a little star struck (not just by the golden Legoland man!) when we were visiting Legoland with the celebs too!! Tyler couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw people he knew off the telly, and that they were real!!!


We booked this beautiful barn to go on holiday at Norton Grounds with our friends for Easter. We had so much fun, the kids loved being with their friends all weekend and we visited some great places too. We have booked another one…..so they must not find us too noisy!!! Or at least they can cope with our noise!

One of the best places we visited, was Cotswolds Wildlife Park I didn’t expect much from this place, but was completely surprised by it! If you are that way, I would suggest you take a visit there. You won’t be disappointed. I love Giraffes, so the best bit had to being able to get so close to them!


My cute little girls birthday, they turned 7yrs old. I am not sure how they can grow up so quickly but they are. They make me smile every single day, and I loved watching the excitement of open the curtains to see their trampoline in the garden!

What I love about the summer is being able to get outside to eat. The garden got completely neglected this year due to the kitchen work, but 2017 we are going to give it a good tidy up and try to make it work better for us. However it is so nice being able to relax and eat outside.


When I was a little girl I loved Strawberry Picking so I made sure this year we took a trip to our local strawberry farm and picked some with the kids. They really enjoyed it, and the strawberries taste so much nicer than the shops!



Tylers 12th Birthday! How grown up does he look?! We all look at this cake and remember how sickly it was!! He has grown up so much in a year, he had just completed his first year at secondary school, which he will happily admit he has found it quite a change. He has enjoyed lots of parts of it though, and I love seeing how much he is now learning and how he is finding out what he loves. ICT and History is favorite, and I can’t wait to see what path he takes. He makes me very proud of what he has achieved and how well he is going.

My best friend got married! I was chief bridesmaid, which I was very honored to be given that role. We have known each other since we were babies, and have been through so much together. I love the man who she got married too, and I couldn’t have been happier to see her get married to him. She looked beautiful and had a wonderful day.

I finally was able to write about my Kitchen Reveal We did most of this ourselves, the only work we didn’t do was plastering and electrics, but apart from that all us! My husband did most of it, I came up with the ideas and tried to do as much as I could. It took months to complete, but we also have 3 children to look after, and didn’t want to not spend any family time together too.

This is what it looked like when we moved in, we tried to give it a little re vamp to tie us over, till we were able to do the whole lot! I love it, and I love how much lighter it is and how much more storage we have.

I have visited the Lavender Fields before but I have never taken all the kids to one. So off we went to our local one, I couldn’t wait to get some nice photos of us there. Although reality is, Tyler spent most of the time screwing up his face and worrying about getting stung!! I love this photo of hubby and the girls, he is such a loving Daddy, and loves teaching them new things. I couldn’t do anything I do without him supporting us all and looking out for us.


We wanted to get away together this summer, we hadn’t been away on a proper family holiday in years. We didn’t want to go abroad, so choose to stay at Pump Cottage What a stunning place this was, so peaceful and a great location to explore some great places.

We had another fun filled day visit to Camp Bestival this year, I love this place and so do the kids. With so much to do, a day visit isn’t enough. It is their 10 year anniversary this year, so I can imagine it is going to be an even better weekend of fun!

We only got our National Trust membership this year, so have started to explore some more places. My favorite by far is Stourhead, we took a visit here whilst on holiday, and it is stunning. I would love to visit here every season, as it would change so much, but still be so beautiful. This place gave us the bug to explore more National Trust venues!

I was so chuffed to be asked to work with M&S on my blog, I was given the twins new uniform to review and I created my first lookbook. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone, and tried something new, but I really enjoyed it and was proud to be asked to work with them.

Look at my beautiful new puppy, Gus! I have been volunteering with the Hearing Dogs for 3 years and we would socialise the puppies for about a year. Then they would have to leave us, and we would do it all over again. I loved the challenge, but I missed all the puppies that left us. So we gave in and got our own puppy, a big chunky Goldendoodle puppy!


How proud of my little twins am I, this month they had all their hair cut off to give to The Little Princesses Trust, to create a wig for a child who doesn’t have any hair. Look how long their hair was, and how much they had off! They also raised a great amount of money too.

I love giving my hubby challenges! I had to come up with something to make from 1 pack of wood flooring, oh how about making a dog bed I said to him!! But what a great job he did, and Gus loves it!


Another fantastic trip to the Legoland Brick or Treat which was just perfect to get everyone in the mood for Halloween. Legoland had an amazing firework display, which we watched in the pouring rain!

After our successful strawberry picking adventure, we visited the same place to do Pumpkin picking this was fun! The kids loved doing it too, and here are my 3 cheeky pumpkins!


Me and Hubby went to London on our own, as I was invited along by Photobox for a Christmas pop up shop event. We spent the day in London before the event. We ended up trying to fit in lots of places around London and lots of sight seeing. 13.4 miles we ended up walking!!! I had always wanted to go along to Liberty, I joked with the kids that the only thing I could afford was a bauble….so thats what I got!

We always go to a big display of Fireworks, so this year we went to Beaulieu Fireworks. A great day out, and the best fireworks I have ever seen!

I took on fantastic job with HomeSense to decorate our home for Christmas. I worked really hard to design my Christmas Table and tried hard with my pictures to show it off nicely. I was really pleased with the results, and my readers seemed to love it too.


December was a magical month for us, we had some great Santa visits, the first one being a trip on the Watercress Line a huge steam train, with all the old fashioned carriage, and cute little windows to look out of. I went on this train as a little girl, so I was pleased to be able to take them on it too.

Then there was Legoland again, they really do know how to put on a fun event for Christmas!

Our last one was with our friends to Longleat Santa and Festival of Lights, with a little train ride out into the woods to meet Father Christmas, a safari car journey where the monkeys ate our car! Then finished off with a stunning light display around the grounds. We had a great day out, and I think we might be back next year!

Christmas – I took a break from blogging for a few days, which was quite nice not to turn my computer on. However it did mean I didn’t take enough photos, as I seemed to just switch my mind off to anything blogging related! That’s why I love blogging, it makes me focus on capturing those moments, and being able to look back at our memories. I did manage to capture us together on Christmas Day though, and will be using this one for our Me and Mine project.

One thing this year I am really proud of myself for, is completing another years worth of photos for my Project 365 photobook I often think over the year, why am I trying to set this challenge for myself, putting pressure on capturing those moments each day. However when I get that book together, and have all my photos from the year in one book, I know why I am doing it. So many beautiful memories in one place. Can I do it for 3yrs in a row?!




  1. What an amazing year you have had! Bet the Lego ambassadorship was amazing! Your lounge and kitchen both look amazing. We are getting our kitchen done this year hopefully. Your girls are so wonderful donating their hair. What a lovely thing to do x

  2. Lauren Belle Du Brighton Reply

    My goodness you’ve packed so much into your year! I’m very jealous of your gorgeous kitchen, and all your legal and trips!

  3. The London Mum Reply

    What a great year- such a fulfilling one too with so many changes and things to be proud of.

  4. Kerry Norris Reply

    Looks like you had a fab year. Lots of hard work but lots of enjoyment too. The wedding of your best friend! How fab. The trip to Dorset looked great too. All the pictures are lovely x

  5. So lovely! You have had an amazing year and made some wonderful pictures. I also took a break over Christmas and now have no photos which I’m a little sad about xx

  6. What a lovely roundup with some lovely pictures. That barn looks so cosy! I’m popping over from the LifeinaBreakdown linky.

  7. What a lot of work and enjoyment in the year. I did appreciate it and wondered how you could fit it all in! Wonderful voluntary work, the children will grow up knowing they can influence others for good while enjoying it all themselves. All the best for the New Year. Oh, did like your new kitchen layout far more functional. The Christmas table is so pretty. I haven’t done anything like that for years, but the children are all grown and gone. Cheers

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