Do your kids love music as much as mine do? Mine love being able to pop some music on and have a dance, or even just pop it on in the background. I have always loved music, I use to have it playing loud when I was pregnant with Tyler and dance around our flat! I’m surprised he didn’t come out singing Kylie Minogue ‘Fever’! 

So music is a big part of our family life, and I love it. When I spotted that VQ had recently bought in the Retro Mini radio in a premium leatherette wrap with dancing mice all over, I knew what 2 little girls would love this design! 

With cute little mice dancing around I don’t think any little girly girl wouldn’t love this radio. It also comes in 22 other colours to give you plenty of options! 

Being the Mini size it is perfect for children, with enough functions to suit them and not complicated to control. 

Each night the girls listen to the audio books, and this is perfect for this. They can connect up the audio book by either connecting the 3.5mm aux-in connection, or connecting the item by Bluetooth. Super simple, and something they can do themselves. 

We popped out to The New Forest for little picnic at the weekend, and I thought I would take our new little Retro Mini speaker out with us! The bonus is that it can be operated by mains supply when at home, but pop in 4 AA batteries and it can go anywhere with you! 

The teddies came, and of course we had to bring some yummy Jammie Dodgers too! 

We loved being able to have some music with us on our picnic, the volume was really adjustable and we could have it at a perfect volume for a picnic in the forest. However if we had a lot of people with us, we could have easily turned it enough for people to hear it. 

A couple of times the signal went a little bit on the radio, but we were in the middle of the forest!  We could have popped the Bluetooth on and linked it up to Spotify if the signal was a big problem though. It comes with DAB, DAB+ and FM radio reception which means you have access to the full range of digital and analogue services across the UK and Europe.  This gives you a huge range to choose from. The great thing is there is 30 presets for both DAB and FM, so this is perfect for kids as they can just access the stations through this. 

We really did love having the radio with us, and as the kids were having a play they would let rip and have a dance too!!

What do you think about the design? I think it is so pretty, they could have easily picked the typical girly pattern with butterflies, or fairies, however this is different and I really like it. 

And that cute little handle is perfect for little hands to carry it around, and really lightweight it isn’t heavy to carry around with us. 

Then once we were back home it can be plugged back in and used at home for an alarm. You can have it buzzing or so the radio comes on, perfect for my girls to wake up to on a school morning. Much nicer way to wake up! 

If you are interested in purchasing one of these VQ have kindly offered my readers a 20% off code from any purchase on their website. So if you love this one, or any of their stunning radios then please use the code below.

BAYBEE20 to receive 20% off the entire VQ range

Valid until the end of August.

*I was sent the VQ Mini Retro radio for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and of my own.




  1. This looks fab. We have a portable speaker but I actually prefer listening to the radio

  2. I’ve got 3, Yes 3 VQ radios now. That’s how much I love them. One in each room practically. I listen to the radio so much more since alive had mine, the telly barely gets a look in these days. I love how portable they are and all the great finishes they come in. The sound quality is fantastic too.

    • Yes I quite agree, it is perfect and I love listening to music more than the telly whilst I am doing stuff.

  3. So cute! I love VQ radios. They’re like my best pals when I’m working at my desk or cooking in the kitchen x

  4. I love that design and it’s perfect used in this way. It sounds like a really functional and practical product too and one that your girls are going to get plenty of use from.

    • They do some cute little prints too, mine love carrying it around as it so small for them

  5. Such a cute mini portable radio! I love the design and that you can take it anywhere with you and the family.

  6. Oh that is super cute! I love the floral design and what a perfect addition for a picnic! Looks like you had so much fun!

  7. Your photos are beautiful! I love the design and pattern of this radio – perfect for summer picnics 🙂

  8. There’s something special about listening to the radio. Would like to do its more often. Love the design on this one. X

    • I love having music on when I’m working, so use to having a noisy household!

  9. What a beautiful looking radio and love the Emma Bridgewater print. We rely too heavily on our phones for music, would be nice to go back to the radio every once and a while x

    • It is nice to sit there and listen to the Radio, and people chatting about whats going on in life. I liked I could then switch over to the streaming easily when I wanted to listen to that too. Thanks for commenting

    • Hope you found something you like, some really pretty designs on there for adults too!

  10. This is so cute! My kids use spotify to create playlists, but I’d love for them to listen to the radio more, and discover new music that way. I’d definitely consider buying them this.

    • Super cute isn’t it, my girls love their playlist and I love that it is all their chosen music and I can make sure there isn’t any naughty words in the songs!

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