On Sunday we took at trip to see the roses at Mottisfont National Trust in Romsey, Hampshire. I have always seen these advertised but never made it at the correct time. The roses are at their peak in June and only for once a year, so you have to visit at the right time. 

After a picnic on the grass in front of the house, which is a perfect place for a picnic, we headed into the wall garden where the roses are. 

The wall gardens are filled with thousands of roses, all full of bloom and heavily scented. We visited in March when the gardens were bare and they were just starting to trim the roses and get them ready to start their growth. 

This photo was taken in March on Mothers Day where you can see the bare roses behind us. 

This was taken on 10th June in the same place! 

The roses at Mottisfont are a gardeners dream, the flower beds are full of colour and such a beautiful range of roses. Each one is named as well for your to reference. I have picked out my favourite one I might order for our garden! 

What makes the roses at Mottisfont different is that they are old English roses, dating back pre-1900 some of these roses are so ancient they say they are prehistoric and some are so rare they think they might be on the only place that has them still. 

The difference is they only flower once! Most modern roses are usually repeat flowers throughout the summer. Mottisfont roses only flower once, which is why you can only see them only once in the year as they all come out at once creating a full garden of roses. 

The flowers beds aren’t just roses, they have planted a mixture of other plants to, Allium, Clematis, Foxgloves, Iris and Peonies are just some of them. I had so much to photograph it was so pretty. 

I was so tempted to go back again without the children so I could photograph even more! There was something new at every corner! 

The children enjoyed seeing all the different roses and smelling them too. Roses don’t smell as much these days but these really did. 

I suggest you visit soon, they are opening later in the evenings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 7th-23rd June to see them in the evening light. 

Don’t be fooled by my pictures on how quiet it looks at Mottisfont, that was crafty picture taking! It was very busy, however we did visit on a Sunday. 


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  1. My knowledge of roses is very limited – they’re very pretty and nice to receive (!) but what a great reason to visit this place! I love the bench picture too. thanks for hosting #GetMooreFromLife

  2. What a difference between your March and June photos! June certainly sounds like the best time to visit Mottisfont – those roses are stunning and so lovely to be able to see different varieties that you can’t see elsewhere. #countrykids

  3. Wow and wow again you really did go at the best time. Your photos are simply stunning and I can just imagine the smell. There is nothing more beautiful than the real English Rose. I really want to visit now. I wonder if any of the Cornish gardens have an English Rose area, I might just have to investigate.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Oh yes get hunting you may find somewhere, thank you it’s so nice to be able to take some nice picture that I love.

    • No I didn’t either, seems to be the old roses but the modern ones flower more often and the other ones are dieing out. It smelt amazing!

  4. We love National trust but we have not been to this one. It looks so pretty with all those flowers!!! Love the colours and this bench photo is super sweet!

    • Ah thank you, it’s lovely to capture images in the same place at different times isn’t it!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is quite near us but we have never been. That picture of you and your children sat on the bench is so impressive! I’m going to see if we can squeeze in a trip before baby number two comes along in July.

    • Thank you very much, Oh yes do try, theres lots to see there too. Lovely place to walk around and not too big that it’s too much . Enjoy

  6. Stunning photos! There is something ethereal about roses, I think, and I love the pink hued ones best. Wow, what a difference a few months makes – it looks like a completely different wall behind you. Those climbing roses are so pretty.

  7. Not a huge fans of roses myself but did love the iris picture and the “house” as you call it. OMG I wish that was my house! Except for the cleaning…wouldn’t want to clean it! Does look like a great way to spend a day though – my kids would be wanting to touch those roses though!

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