A couple of weekends ago we had a couple of hours to spare and a very special building had just opened that week too. So we headed down to Royal Victoria Countrypark where the chapel is. 

We have been watching the lottery funded renovation to this building over the past couple of years, and we even took part when they were getting people to buy a tile for the slate roof and have our message added to. We loved this idea and the kids think it was amazing to have tile up there!

Royal Victoria Chapel is now open up to the public now and it’s well worth a trip. This chapel has so much history and it was amazing to be able to find out so much more. 

The whole building has been well restored and it was lovely to see the building up close too.

As you walk in you head into the large chapel where your find displays of information on how the chapel has been used in the past. A military hospital taking in the wounded soldiers during the wars and built in 1856.  

Inside this main room you will find uniforms on show, hospital equipment and a few interactive pieces for you to learn more. 

Once you go upstairs to the next level you of course have the view. It’s such a lovely view anywhere at ground level but up here it’s even better. 

Turn around from this view and you go into the upstairs of the large chapel room. We really loved this area, it felt so personal.

On each pew at the front they had written about a person who had been at Netley Hospital, a story line of their life and what had happened. It was fascinating and I would love them to keep adding to this as I think people sit there and read them all. 

The next area was upstairs to go up to the highest area. This area has arranged tours at various times during the day. These will take you right up to the top. I can only imagine how amazing the views are up there! 

If you do that let me know what it was like, as we never had time that day. 

What I really loved was the outside areas, they have now added in wooden structures to show you the old hospital footprint.  I knew it was a lot bigger when it was built but I didn’t realise just HOW big it was! These show it so clearly and the floor plans of all the different rooms too. 

There is an entrance fee to visit inside and to go all the way up to the top. At the time of opening this is the prices 

Parking is pay when you leave by entering your car registration number at the pay points dotted around the park and car parks. 

With so much history to learn about this building and all the stories that go with it, it’s well worth a visit to Royal Victoria Chapel. With lots to do in the countrypark with train rides, parks, beach and picnic areas you could easily fill up a day visiting it all. 



  1. It looks like the renovations have been done really well and this is definitely somewhere we would enjoy visiting. I love learning about our history

  2. What a great idea to buy a tile and I love how you have done hand prints. Looks like a great place to explore and very special to be involved from the beginning x

    • Yeah it’s been nice to see it being renovated and now see inside once it’s all done. I bet it was nice for the roofer to read all the tiles!

  3. Wow this place is incredible! I love to explore unusual buildings , they are great for taking photos too! Lovely shots!

  4. What a wonderful place to visit! Looks really fascinating and somewhere you could easily spend the whole day.

  5. I love hearing about the restoration of old, historical buildings. It’s lovely to see them brought back to life. Royal Victoria Chapel looks stunning and what a building to have made your mark on. Love the slate tile idea!

    • I am really enjoying learning more about the old buildings and History. My son loves History and he is really making me love it more too! The slate was a brilliant idea wasn’t it

  6. This looks like an amazing place to explore and so interesting. You have taken some lovely pictures too

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