I love seeking out new places and we found a really lovely one a couple of weeks ago. Roydon Woods Nature Reserve in The New Forest. Near Lymington, it’s close to a town but a little drive out so you’re right in the countryside. 

First we tried to find it by following Google and Roydon Woods but this does only bring you to a road! Nowhere to park so head to St John the Baptist church instead.

This church was really interesting too, being built-in 1087 I think it might be the oldest church we have ever come across. 

The children were quite intrigued by the history of this church and some very old graves. 

The car park is behind the church and well signposted too. At the back of the car park, you will see a footpath sign and a path leading up the edge of the fields. 

Follow this path along all the way to a very pretty farmhouse and then turn left and follow the gravel road along. 

All the way along until you come to a large field and a road at the end. The footpath track is on the left-hand side, just before this field. It is a road to a house so it’s wide and easy to spot. 

When you get to the bottom of this road you will see a gate with the sign for Roydon Woods. 

It’s a very simple route, just following it through the woods and see what you can spot. 

This time of the year was perfect for conker collecting! 

Keep going along until you get to a T-junction and this signpost, take the left-hand path. 

Roydon Woods is brilliant for kids, its got so many places to explore and climb. With lots of fallen trees and hills! 

We were treated to an even better surprise on this walk, a perfect shallow river with a huge bridge. 

A perfect pooh sticks bridge and the kids could have stayed here for hours. I want to come back in the summer as it would be so much fun to splash and paddle in there!

Even the dog loved it! 

Keep following the path over the bridge until you reach a gate, through the gate and turn left. 

This path will take you all the way back to the road and a cross junction. Here you need to turn left again and over a little bridge. 

Keep an eye out for mushrooms, as we spotted these proper fairy toadstools!


This is a road which leads all the way back to the front of the church. 

So I hope you liked this walk at Roydon Woods and if you’re nearby you do make a trip here. It was a very peaceful walk and one we would love to do again. Please take a look at my days out for more walks. 




  1. I am like you and love to seek out new places to explore especially when I am not travelling abroad. Roydon Woods looks like a fun place to check out.

  2. This looks like the perfect place for an autumnal walk. It’s a bit far for us so I’m going to look to visit a local nature reserve now!

  3. lindsey bray Reply

    Looks like a great day out. I love those toad stools I didnt even know they existed in real life , how silly lol

    • hehe! We’ve never seen them in real life either, I wish I could have taken some nicer photos of them though as I am not sure were see them again!

  4. Such a beautiful woodland. I love exploring new places. So much to see. That bridge is beautiful and so are those toad stools.

    • I was so happy to see that bridge! I had been telling the kids there’s a little river to cross and they were all taking the mickey as they had found a muddy dried up one!!!

  5. It looks like the perfect place for an autumn walk. I just love this time of year, all the gorgeous colours! I’ve never seen fairy toadstools in real life… I really need to keep my eye out a bit more 😉

    • Head to the forest as there seems to be so many mushrooms growing at the moment, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen these ones before!

  6. this looks like a good autumn walk – what was the distance? a quality pooh sticks bridge. I’ve not been to the New Forest for about 20 years so it’s on my list for next year. thank you for this write up of the walk around Roydon woods.

    • About 3 miles a the most, so decent enough walk but not too far for little legs! Oh we love The New Forest, such a beautiful part of the country

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