After all the snowy fun we had back in early 2018, to be given another dump of snow so soon was such a surprise and treat for us. A lot of the UK was covered in deep snow, but in Southampton we didn’t get that much. Enough for the girls to get outside in the morning before school to play in it, but it soon melted. 

Whilst browsing Facebook on Saturday I spotted someone had been to  Old Winchester Hill and their dog was sat in deep snow! I was so surprised as all our snow had melted, so the next day we headed off! I didn’t tell the children in case the snow had melted overnight, or the roads were too slippery to get there. But we could see as we were approaching that wasn’t the case! 

We’ve never been to Old Winchester Hill before, but I’m so surprised we haven’t as it’s only about 20 minutes from us and very easy to find. The first problem was getting in the car park! Our big tank of a car couldn’t get up the hill to get into the car park as the snow had become compacted ice, so we had to park on the road with everyone else who was struggling to get in the car park! 

There was a marked route into a field so we decided to walk along this path, however, we didn’t walk far! The kids happily played in the snow here. 

Video Of Old Winchester Hill 

The dog loves snow as there are endless snowballs!

The snow was super powdery to pick up, so much it just sparkled in the air when you picked it up. 

But as soon as you compacted it down, it made perfect snowballs! 

Me and Kev had a play around with taking photos, which we don’t usually have time to do as we’re walking somewhere, watching the dog and keeping kids entertained. 

Lots of snowball fun, and the kids were so happy. I am sure if we had snow all the time we would be fed up with it, so it’s lovely to enjoy it when it does come. 

They built snowman, or snow unicorns! 

There was a great hill for sledging too, we don’t have a sledge as we don’t usually get snow!

I purchased a pair of ACAI thermal waterproof trousers to wear for walking the dog over the winter. They’re amazing and keep me so warm, but I’ve never really put them to the test, until today! 

They had snow all over them, I was sat in the snow, snow thrown at me and they weren’t even wet. I was so warm and I feel the cold badly. Even when Gus lost his mind when I was on the floor and took it as a perfect opportunity to play and forget his size! 

They’re not cheap, but if you’re out in the rain, wind, cold or snow every day then it’s worth the investment. I am so glad I purchased these for this winter. 

So did you get any snow? Love it or hate it?! 




  1. This looks and sounds like the most magical day!! Makes me wish we were still in Hampshire because we didn’t get any snow really, just a little dusting xx

    • Ah we were very lucky and got some, we don’t usually do we! I thought Wales would have been covered!

  2. We were on snow watch, as due to fly out on holiday this weekend. Luckily Edinburgh got spared and we managed to leave okay. My boys wouldn’t mind some nice snow to play in though.

    • Oh wow Edinburgh didn’t get any, we were lucky then! Although not what you want when your meant to be flying!

    • Ah thank you, a sprinkle is worst than none I think as it gets you all excited thinking it’s coming!

  3. Oh we are so jealous. We got no snow and my kids were gutted. Some really lovely pics you got there and a lot of fun had! 🙂

  4. I think in Norwich we were one of the only places with zero snow. I’m very envious looking at your gorgeous snow pictures

    • Ahhh what a shame, back at home we didn’t get much and the kids were at school.

  5. We had so much snow in Oxford I was stuck indoors then went out and played in it. It looks like a lot of fun on this trip.

    • Yes your area did get a lot didn’t it, nice for a couple of days isn’t it and then we want to get on with normal life again!

  6. Oh my gosh, what lovely photos! It looks like you all had a great time – I am glad you found somewhere with snow. We aren’t too far from you so maybe we could plan a little trip to here as well. I love the snow unicorn!

    • Yes we will be back to explore the area without the snow as it looked like a lovely place to walk

  7. Great photos Steph. That is the perfect place to go on a snowy day. We only had a small amount here not really enough for a decent snowman.

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