We took a visit to St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester at the weekend, this is only about 20 minutes from us and I have driven past it many times, but never visited.

St Catherine’s Hill is a 58 hectare grassland, and nature reserve, with wild flowers, butterflies and grazing animals. However being the winter, a few of those things were missing! However we had a great couple of hours exploring and taking in the amazing view at the top.

Parking was a bit of an issue for us, there is one car park at the bottom of the hill but was full when we arrived. It was a dry Sunday afternoon, so everyone had the same idea! So we followed the road along a bit further and found some on the road parking.

Once you walk through the car park, you have two options. You can take the river path and follow it along, this means you walk up the long set of steps on the other side of the hill.

Or you can take the path through the brick arch, so this is the one we took!

Following the very muddy path, you will need some wellies at this time of the year! We climbed up the hill to the left, following some steps, then some muddy paths.

But the kids were surprised on how far up they had climbed already, and how much of Winchester you could see!

They had funny trees to find, and more hills to run up and down!

Then we reached the top, and Tyler loved it! Stood they’re looking at what he could see, and the girls spotted Winchester Cathedral that they had visited a couple of weeks ago with school.

After they had taken in the sights we carried on walking around the top of the hill, there is a little forest at the top of the hill and in here was fallen tress to climb, rope swings and little hidden holes to explore.

Up here was quite busy, with lots of people having a lovely walk together, however I wanted to go and explore this bit down there!

So we headed down the path of steps off the other side of St Catherine’s Hill, and down to the bottom. I am glad we didn’t climb these!!! Off to the right at the bottom of the hill is the river path to follow along back to the car park.

We followed the path along the bottom, only to spot 3 Deers running down the hill and straight across!

We had a lovely walk at St Catherine’s Hill, and we will be back again for sure. I think it will look beautiful in the Summer with the wild flowers and butterflies about. A perfect picnic place!

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    • We are making sure we do this year, so much around us that we never knew about.

  1. What a beautiful place to explore, it looks like the perfect place to relax whilst the kids burn off all their excess energy. I bet the kids loved exploring St Catherine’s Hill, it looks like the perfect all natural playground with fallen trees to climb and rope swings to jump on. I bet you can’t wait to go exploring again in the summer, I’m sure it will be the perfect spot for a picnic.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    • I can’t wait for a picnic there, a lovely big area for the kids to run around in.

  2. Did you find the mizmaze? It’s a historic turf maze…mine spent hours following the mini trenches cut into the chalk this time last year. I got a lovely sit down in the sunshine 😉

  3. Car parking is a nightmare but the view is totally worth it!! A very special place we loved climbing to the top of 🙂

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