We are members of The National Trust and this has given us the opportunity to explore some really lovely places. A National Trust cream tea is very tasty! Although hidden within these big properties are small little gems to explore. 

Stockbridge Down was one of them. We visited Stockbridge Marsh a few weeks ago for a very wet puddly walk but the kids loved it. This time we went upwards! Stockbridge Down is in-between Stockbridge and Winchester. On the main road leading into Stockbridge and on much higher grown. As you can see from this months Me and Mine photo, the views were stunning. Even the dog thought so! 

Stockbridge Down is easy to find, just look out for the car park on the main road. 

The car park is over the road, which is a very fast straight road so be aware of this. You need to cross over and go through this gate. You then head straight ahead and up the hills. 

The higher you go the more of the view you will get. We went on a cloudy day, but imagine this in the summer with blue skies and sunshine. You would see for miles. 

Keep going up to the top of the hill and just around a clump of bushes to the left you will see a wooden bench. We had a little drink and snack looking out over the view. 

You follow the path straight past this, running around the fence line on the left hand side of you. Follow it around to a fort style area with hills and more views!

Drop down the hill, following it around and down to the left side. Going through some over grown areas and keep following the path. This takes you around in one big circular route, so keep that in your mind. 

You will reach the end corner where there is another car park with a dog bin. Take the path around to the right and follow the fence along on your left. With the main road on your left too. 

All the way up and along back to the wooden gate and car park.

Stockbridge Down is a lovely open walk which is good for kids to do. It gives them lots of hills to run up and down, and views to look out over. We visited in January and there wasn’t any animals around to worry about. 

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  1. What a lovely place to roam, Penguin would really like that. And I love the views! #CountryKids

    • Nice to be able to have a big space for them to run around isn’t it. Thanks

  2. This is my sort of walk! I love that view even on a cloudy day and it looks like you had a great time. Definitely going to add it to my ‘to visit’ list. #CountryKids

  3. This is such a lovely place to walk. The views are amazing. Such gorgeous landscape. I am planning on doing something like this this half term and I hope that my son will be ready and willing to walk. #countrykids

  4. A lovely looking walk with the most wonderful views, even in January. That first picture is wonderful, I’d love to capture one like this, actually anything with all my tribe would be good! this really makes me want to round everyone up for a good country walk this weekend.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • I know that’s why I am so glad to be able to capture us all as much as possible now before they all grow up! Making the most of it

  5. It’s awesome to find somewhere so beautiful that you can stretch your legs and blow away the cobwebs. 🙂

  6. Oh that looks like a wonderful place for a walk, and what lovely photos too #CountryKids

  7. Ahh, our National Trust membership means the world to me. I love exploring new places. This looks like a gorgeous walk – and such a blustery wintry day by the looks of things!

  8. This looks great and this is just the sort of walk we love. We are members of the National Trust and I think it is money well spent #countrykids

    • Thanks, I think we are on our 3rd year now and it has been well worth having

  9. As a national trust member I too love checking out the incredible places we have in this country. Stockbridge down sounds like a lovely place to visit

    • Thank you, they are so happy running around aren’t they! Just like the kids!

  10. Sounds like a lovely walk. We need to explore around Winchester more so will have to check this out

  11. It looks wild, windswept and raw. Good to get out of the house and away from the central heating for some fresh air.

    • Yep it was a nice place to walk for a couple of hours with some fresh air!

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