OK I visited my favourite place again after many weeks of not getting there, I missed summer as the last time was back in very early July when we had dinner on the beach with hot dogs and marshmallows! West Wittering Beach 

So this times visit to West Wittering Beach was a lot different! Wrapped up to keep warm, boots on to keep the toes from freezing, and when they touched the water it was like touching ice! How people can swim in the sea still at this time of the year I really don’t know! 

I hardly got any photos whilst we were there as I was capturing video footage for a YouTube video (keep your eyes pealed!) 

This one made me laugh, Tyler was asked to do some videoing……he took a picture of me frowning! I have realised I do that way too much, and I need to relax my forehead!!! I can even feel I am doing it now whilst concentrating! 

However if you want to capture a sunset over the sea, then this is the place to go. The sunsets over the water and this time of the year it is just stunning. 

I hardly got any photos, however I think I got my most favourite photo I have taken….it was a quick last one as I turned around as we were leaving and I am so glad I captured it.

Parking is only £3 all day in off peak times, the dog is allowed on the beach and there is even a cafe to grab a warm drink in too! 

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  1. Gorgeous photos. I’ve visited Wittering only once, but it’s a fantastic place for a day out.

  2. I love watching sunsets at the beach and west wittering looks like the perfect location

  3. Oh what beautiful photos and a stunning sunset – I find watching the sun setting the perfect time to reflect 🙂

  4. Ok, so for the first time in over a year I might now be feeling a tiny bit homesick!! Beautiful photos too xxx

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