My girls love to try out new toys and was over the moon when 2 Sweet Pups arrived in the post for us to try out. Sweet Pups are a very cute range of push puppies that are hidden inside a sweet smelling and very yummy looking pastry! 

Yep you did read and see that right! They’re toy pastries which smell so nice! The croissant smelt of chocolate spread! But they then turn into a little soft toy for them to love, they even smell too then! 

With 12 to choose from and collect there is plenty of choice, my girls received a croissant and a bright yellow macaroon! These then folded inside out to reveal your Sweet Pup! Such a simple idea but something that really captured my girls attention. 

They loved that they smelt so yummy and at only £7.99 from Claire’s Accessories and Amazon I think they are a great gift to give and a good price for them to save up and collect all 12. 


The Sweet Pups have received lots of cuddles since they unboxed them!

Unboxing Video 

*Post Contains Affiliate Links. We received these for the purpose of the blog post. However all words and opinions are honest and of my own. 



  1. They’re very cute and quite reasonably priced too. They’d be easy for kids to save up for on a regular basis and I know a few who would love these.

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