As the kids are getting older I think it’s so hard to come up with ideas for Christmas presents for them. I have a 14yr old son and I am struggling for ideas! So I thought I would give you guys a few suggestions on the things he loves. I did have a raid of his bedroom to bring you a few ideas! 

Teen Christmas Gift Guide  

* Beats Headphones – From £90 

My son chats to his friends online every day, so as much as it’s lovely to hear his friends voices……it’s lovely not to have them blaring out the speakers! Beats are more expensive but they’re a brand name that teens love, they are also comfy too with decent cushioning on the ears. The quality is fantastic. My son has the wired versions as he only wears them at the computer desk but it seems to be more popular to get wireless ones. 

*Headphone Hanger – From £90

The headphone holder is a brilliant idea too, keeping them safe and tidy when not in use. 

*Blue Snowball Microphone – £45 

As my son chats to his friends and records gaming videos, he needed a decent microphone. After doing some research this one came up as one of the best at this price range. Also available in black. 

Blue Moon Glow In The Dark Clock – £35 

This is a fun addition to any kids room but something a bit more grown up for a teen.  Shaped and decorated as a moon which then glows in the dark at night… no excuse not to get up in the darker mornings for them! I really love the look of this up on my sons bedroom wall, at 30cm round, it’s a great size too. 

*Wings Of Fire Book Series – £various 

My son loves this book series and is busy collecting the full set, which keeps getting added to! I think it’s lovely if children still love picking up books to read and I will happily encourage this. My son’s world is very techy so it’s nice to see them read. 

*Computer Games – £various

For a techy kid there is always going to be a new computer game they’re going to want! So find out which is the newest one out and I don’t think you can go wrong! 

*Addictaball Maze Puzzle Game – £15

This puzzle ball is so addictive and very frustrating! You have to balance the ball through the maze and along the little paths to the end to win! It’s quite tricky but you hate to give up on it! It has us all playing this one! 

Are you struggling this year for teens?

If you have any ideas please do give me some ideas!

*I received the moon clock to consider for this Christmas gift guide. However, I only suggested items I love myself. Other links are affiliate links where I earn a small amount of commission for recommending the product, at no extra cost to you. 



  1. My daughter has asked for some Beats Headphones this year. Along with a Vamps Calendar and the Strictly Come Dancing Annual (because Joe Sugg will be in it LOL). I love the clock you featured in your post. I may have to get her something like that too 🙂

    Louise x

    • Oh wonder what colour she is after!? They come in some very lovely colours, don’t they.

  2. My nephew is about to become a teen. He definitely wants a computer game – they are just SO expensive now aren’t they!

    • Aren’t they ever! My son loves his PC and uses a steam account for purchasing games, luckily they are a little cheaper

  3. Teens are so hard to buy for. I am struggling with mine. I love that Moon clock. It is so cool and a little bit different x

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