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The Benefits of Growing Your Own

There’s been a growing trend towards people opting to live sustainably recently. From allotments tucked away in urban areas to herb gardens lining pathways and dotted along window sills, growing your own is a popular pastime.

The green-fingered have always grown staple ingredients from scratch, but the popularity of living off the land has caused more of us to create our own vegetable patches. If you are thinking of growing your own produce for the first time, here are some of the benefits of overseeing your own crops.   

Green Therapy

Gardening is therapeutic. The soothing rhythm of digging and the methodical sowing of seeds allows the opportunity to focus the mind on a gentle activity.

In addition to helping to calm the mind, it’s also a great workout. There’s a lot of physical work involved in planting and harvesting your own produce, so you’re increasing endorphin levels – the body’s chemicals that boost positivity – making gardening even more enjoyable.

Family Fun

Growing your own fruit and veg can be fun for the whole family, especially when you are looking for new ways to keep the kids entertained during the weekend or over the half term break. Your little ones will love seeing their seeds form shoots and bear fruit and you can give each of them a fruit or veg to be in charge of so that they can truly take ownership of their crops.

It’s also a hands-on way to educate them about the benefits of growing their own. If you have a small vegetable patch or you’re planning on setting up your crops in a polytunnel, such as these from Premier Polytunnels, you can involve them at every stage, from getting them to help with constructing the polytunnel to sowing the seeds.

Planet Friendly Food

Fruit and veg has been unnecessarily packed into plastic for years, and now it is taking its toll. By growing your own fruit and vegetables, you are reducing the use of this packaging. In addition, there is no shipping to supermarkets involved because you are harvesting your crops and taking them home with you, reducing the carbon footprint.

Cheaper Meals

As well as saving the planet, you can also save money. Seeds are cheap and the food that you get from your own land is totally free. Once you get into growing your own, you can start planting more complex combinations so you can prepare more of the meals you and your family love.

Collaborative Post 


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