The Blue Pool is situated in near Wareham in Dorset and well worth a trip if you living near by or on holiday in the area. Its one of the most tranquil and peaceful places I’ve visited and I even had my kids with me! 

The Blue Pool

The Blue Pool can be easily be found and well sign posted from the main road. The car park is large enough and right near the entrance. 

Entrance cost is only £7 for adults and under 16’s are free, which I think is brilliant. When you arrive it feels a really friendly place straight away, staff were welcoming and pencils given to the children to do the trails. 

All around The Blue Pool is little paths, hidden paths and steps leading to all different routes. We decided to take the route which was suitable for pushchairs as it had the fairy trail and letter trail. 

The children had to find fairy doors and letters to the alphabet. By each letter they had to stop and look around. Will they find an animal hidden in the trees or not? 

Some were quite tricky but it also got the kids looking around, exploring their surroundings and keeping their attention whilst walking around. At the end they could get a certificate for their efforts. 

Whilst they were happily looking for animals, running through the tress and climbing up banks. Us adults were able to take in the stunning views around us. 

I was so blown away by The Blue Pool. It was an old clay pit which is now flooded, it’s where Purbeck ball clay was once extracted to create beautiful pottery. However as it’s now disused and the fine clay in suspension in the water diffracts light in different ways, which produces a range of stunning colours. 

The Blue Pool colours constantly changes colour and I think it also was dependant on what angle you are viewing the pool from. 

Down on the beach it was very blue 

but up higher in the woods looking down it was much more green 

However whatever direction we looked from it was still stunning and I could have easily sat here for ages. 

But my brood were getting hungry! So we decided to bring a picnic along with us and what better place to have a picnic than on the beach. The kids could play bare foot in the sand, running around in the big open spaces. 


Be aware of the ducks though! We had about 20 of them come rushing over as soon as we sat down!!! All lovely and friendly, just thought their luck was in! 

The Blue Pool is full of wildlife, there was so many Dragonflies, Damson Flies around the water areas. 

As you follow the path around you will come across lots of different paths to take and little areas to explore. 

Kid Friendly

The Blue Pool is so kid friendly, and as you approach nearer to the end of the path ways and tearoom there is a nice little play area for the kids. 

This gave them a little burst of energy near the end of the walk! 


From here the tearoom is just around the corner! Over looking the pool it was a very lovely place to sit with a drink. 

Here is also the museum where you can learn more about The Blue Pool history and also get your certificate for your completed trail too. 

I really enjoyed our day at The Blue Pool and would 100% recommend a visit. 

The Blue Pool Dorset is a very special place to visit in the UK. The pool of water changes colour. We love to explore the UK



  1. What good business sense to have a great tea room at the end – Surely the best way to encourage tired legs to get round what looks like a brilliant trail. That pool looks divine!

  2. That looks like a wonderful spot, although I’ve never heard of it before. Our Grandsons would love exploring around there and it’s always a bonus when there’s a Tea Room at the end.

    • Perfect place for kids to run around isn’t it, the tea room does some nice looking scones too!

  3. Sounds and looks like such an amazing place to visit, I could definitely do with visiting before the sun completely disappears lol

  4. That sounds like a lovely place for a walk and picnic. And how beautiful that the lake changes coura depending on where you view it from. I think the vivid blue from the beach would be my favourite!

    • It’s stunning blue isn’t it, so interesting wandering around seeing the different colours!

  5. Wow, I’ve lived in Bournemouth for over 30 years and never been here! I’ve made a note to go next time I’m down – looks lovely

    • Oh it wouldn’t be far to go from Bournemouth would it, have a lovely time and I am glad you’ve found it now!

  6. What a wonderful place to visit with the kids. I wish we had something like there nearer me. I love the idea of the fiary doors and a trail to keep the kiddies entertained.

    • It’s so cute isn’t it, it really helped to keep them going on the walk around

  7. This looks like an absolutely beautiful place to visit. I’ve never been down to Dorset but it is definitely somewhere I would love to explore.

  8. How beautiful is the blue pool. I love that there is wildlife too. Also those tea rooms look lovely and make for an ideal pit stop x

    • Yes there is so much wildlife there which does make it so lovely to walk around spotting.

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